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Zackariah and Dale

This is going to be combined fundraiser for Zack and Dale for any and all items they may need or want to make their lives more comfortable or to help the reach the goals of basic daily living. Here I will list the items needed, why they are needed and breakdown the cost for those items the best that I can; the way they are broken down for me.

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February 2, 2024


Happy February! I've spent the day updating our February calendar and to say that I am overwhelmed would definitely be an understatement. Currently we are at...40 appointments and we still have to schedule some.

Update on Dale: He has been diagnosed with Insomnia and most likely ADHD. We're going DAYS without sleep or very little sleep. We're trying some prescribed medications to try and get some sleep. It's taking it's tole on me and him. All of us really.

Update on Zack: He is having a new kind of seizure. He had a 7-minute seizure yesterday at Speech Therapy. We confirmed with several doctors that it was the king of seizure that I thought it was. That now makes 4 identified types of seizures that we know about.

I have not done any fundraising yet this year. It's just so disheartening at this point. With the money we have raised we were able to get Zack some safety sheets for his bed. It is something we desperately needed and it wasn't as easy of a process as I hoped it would be but good people made it happen.

I have applied for some grants and am in the second phase of one of those. But, that is also just very time consuming.

So far for the month of February we have 40 appointments scheduled, and I know I have 2 more people to still schedule with for sure. So...there's that.

We did go to a Mardi Gras Parade and ran in to one of the nurses that took care of Zack in the NICU. It was nice to see a face that helped keep my baby alive and be reminded of that. Sometimes God works in mysterious ways!

I'm thinking of starting a fundraiser for a shed for school...I plan on homeschooling and would like to have a separate place to take them to do those activites. Where that is the ONLY thing that we do in there. I do not have anywhere in my house that can provide even a small area for us.

I don't know. There's just always so much to think about and do. My brain never stops.

Y'all have a great day and thank you for following us! God Bless you all.

January 9, 2024


Happy New Year! We're 8 days in and have done 4 spontaneous things with twin friends, have had to start medications for ANOTHER ear infection (Zack) and an eye infection (Dale).

We have taken our fundraising jar down from a local restaurant. After a year and half, we've raised $25-$30 from this jar. It was time to let it go. Sad, hard more so for me than anyone else. But it was time.

There is not a day that goes by that I don't think about why I started this journey with HHL or why I wish we could hit that goal and get that Trexo for Zack. Facts are constantly running through my head and I am always seeing things "pop up" to remind me. Like all the benefits, or how the brain has the most elasticity from birth to three years of age; which we have obviously surpassed. Or that from birth to five years of age is when it is our best opportunity to lay the foundation to build the new pathways and reroute his brain. Here we are 4 months away from turning five.

All these opportunities passing us by. All the loss of the opportunities that I desperately wanted to give him. Sometimes it is TOO much for me to bear. But, I choke back the tears and I put on a happy face and keep putting one foot in front of the other. Because I have to. I have to for him, I have to for Dale. I have to for me.

The outings we are managing to go to, are still hard for me as well. The thoughts that creep in and take over are hard to rally with. If we go to the park and I "include" him by wheeling him around in his wheelchair to WATCH all the other children play at the so called "accessible" playground; what is HE thinking. Is he wondering WHY no one is playing with him. Or why is he sitting there and not playing too? Why can't he swing or slide or run or jump. I wonder if he knows he is different. I wonder if he knows that this life is unfair. I wonder what he knows and how he feels, but he can't tell me. He can't show me. He just has to be happy to be there, right? Happy to not be left behind completely. Happy that his brother waves and yells as he runs by laughing and playing. Happy that his momma acknowledges that he is there and holds his hand or gives him a kiss, rubs his head, talks to him, feeds him, and keeps the sun out of his eyes. That enough isn't it? It should be. It is. He is happy. At least that is what I have to try and make myself believe. But it's not something I can successfully believe. I can however, put on the mask and the smile and laugh and make everyone else think that yeah, he is good, I'm good, this is good, and he is ok. But I don't know if it is. I know it is not for me...but he can't tell me if it is for him.

I guess this turned into a journal entry of sorts. I have always strived to be transparent in our journey. So this is as transparent as it can be today. This is my struggle. My struggle for my children.

Out of the $3,333 that we have in our HHL campaign right now, we've requested that a portion of that be used to purchase safety sheets for his bed. We have not received our "yes" or "no" yet, but when we do, I will share that with you as well.

We have some VERY bad weather heading this way. Expected to hit arouind 3am. I will be home alone with the boys. I have so much fear and anxiety about these types of storms. We were victims of Hurricane Michael and that was BEFORE Dale and Zack. It definitely sits differently with me now that i have them and have to keep them safe alone. Or try to. Prayers would be greatly appreciated for everyone that is going to be hit with this weather.

God Bless you all and have a wonderful night.

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October 17, 2023

It takes a village, never stop. Hope always prevails.

Dianne Vitkus

September 6, 2023

6 month donation jar at Richie B’s in Dothan, Al.

We thank each and every one of you! God Bless!

Richie B’s Donation Jar

June 11, 2023

Part 2 of the funds Harley Davidson raised for Zack's robot legs at Bike Night on 6/9/23. We're so thankful for all of you. God Bless.

Harley Davidson Dothan Bike Night 6/9/23