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Dear Friends,

You may be aware that my friend Blake Barrett fell from a ladder on September 17th and now faces an uncertain future due to his brain injury and significant vision loss. His active life and career as a crane operator and small business owner of Hoist and Haul, LLC has been greatly altered.

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March 11, 2014

On February 28th Blake had surgery to remove the two "loose screws" that were among the 15 or so screws holding the titanium mesh to his skull as a result of his brain surgery back in September. Today's surgery went well and Blake is feeling good. They shaved his head again and he has some staples that will need removed in a couple weeks. Interestingly the surgeon discovered that they weren't actually loose screws moving around but corners of the mesh that had bent up when the previous staples were removed and thus the corners were wiggling back and forth. So the surgeon removed the corners and tapped the mesh down smooth again.

Blake is no longer taking blood thinners for the blood clot discovered in his leg back in November. It is a relief that the clot is gone and he can be more physically active. In fact, Blake turned on the "golden oldies" Pandora station last week and danced. It was a very sweet moment in time.

Blake's vision seems to be improving and we are believing that with work and time he will continue to regain more of his sight. His cognitive function is good although he needs more time to process information. I am learning to slow down the speed at which I share information!

Our love to all of you,


January 28, 2014

Blake and I are settling in to our new lifestyle. We spend time everyday having him do eye exercises to help his eyes track correctly. These exercises are actually mostly to teach his brain to make sense of what his eyes see. Last week he couldn't catch a ball being tossed to him but this week he can. The progress can be slow at times but he is slowly improving. We have fewer doctors appointments so I am driving him to town less and we have more time at home. I'm pretty busy this month with the bookkeeping I do for other businesses as well as our own.We are big Seahawks fans and are super excited that they made it to the superbowl!! Jenica and her college friends will be out to watch the game with us.

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