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I NEED YOUR HELP. These have always been the hardest 4 words for me to say. I want to live longer. But, there are many factors surrounding my healthcare and living needs that are untenable. If circumstances don’t change, I don’t know what is really viable. My mom passed in 2012. My dad has dementia and can no longer take care of himself. My brother lost his business a year ago. He and my sister-in-law still help me so much; but, are overtapped. The needs are many. I hope you might consider donating to me through Help Hope Live.

The most eminent needs I have are: More money to supplement what Medicaid will pay my providers. Medical equipment repairs. Medical supplies not covered by Medicaid, like Non-latex gloves and urinary drainage bags. These donations allow the donor to claim a tax write-off through HelpHopeLive, which is a recognized 501c3. Other things may be added later; but, we must get these covered first.

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July 21, 2012

Dear Mandy, We are praying that all of your dreams come true! God Bless!

Mark & Melissa Gleason, Fresno, CA

July 19, 2012

Dear Mandy,
We know that your determination and positive outlook will help you to take those first few steps!
We hope to meet you at Michael & Lindsey's wedding.

With Hope and Best Wishes

Roy & Cindy Gill/Dixon, CA