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Go Riley Go!

Our daughter Riley was born with Spina Bifida, a complication in the spinal column which caused hydrocephalus and a lack of sensation below her knees; and Turner’s Syndrome, a separate and unrelated complication which led to a heart defect at birth and short stature. After being born, Riley had three surgeries on her back, heart, and brain in her first month of life. Riley has been stable since, and we are grateful! However, as Riley has grown to be seven years old, her lack of sensation in her legs has continued. As a result she uses a manual wheelchair for her mobility, in addition to other medical equipment to aid with standing, walking, transferring, toileting, physical therapy, eyesight, etc. While Riley’s boundaries are being removed day by day and her horizon remains wide ahead of her, she will likely need a wheelchair, other equipment, occasional surgeries, and other aids to ensure she can thrive as a young girl and later as an adult.

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December 7, 2022

Wow wow wow wow wow! We are blown away by all of your generosity to Riley! I wanted to report that last night we were able to bring home our new accessible van!! Riley LOVES it and is thankful she can see out the windows! (a big reason we picked this one out) Our prayer is that this vehicle lasts a LONG time and takes Riley to places she has never imagined (like, maybe Yellowstone? ;)

This has been such an answer to prayer for us, so thank you for participating!

As a reminder, all gifts over the stated goal are going towards a new wheelchair next year and a probable surgery for Riley in the Spring. We'll keep you updated!! Until then we pray you have a blessed holiday season!!

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December 10, 2022

Go Riley!! Love, the Dickeys

John Dickey

December 5, 2022

We love you guys!

Patrick Drury

December 5, 2022

Go Riley! Love watching God work through you and on your behalf. We’re honored to call you our niece!

Brittnay Casey