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Hi Everyone!

For those of you that don’t know me personally, and for those of you who do, I want to thank you for taking an interest in my life and my journey to wellness. I am 28 years old, single, and have been graced with an incredible circle of love and support from both my family and friends. Those closest to me have witnessed my struggle from the age of 16 when I was diagnosed with Type I Juvenile Diabetes, my many battles with this disease, and my current diagnosis of End-Stage Renal Disease (ESRD). My family sees me as courageous, strong, and optimistic as I have gone through the rigors of dialysis for the past two years. I see myself as I see others afflicted with the same challenges – hopeful, thankful, and excited to think I will have the chance to overcome these challenges and begin a new life.


March 31, 2010

Amanda, although I don't know you your story is very touching. I hope by now you have your healthy organs. My daughter is going through a simular thing only she has had Lupus since she was 15, and now needs a kidney. I will pray you continue to heal.

Marsha Miller Belding, MI

December 18, 2008

Dear Amanda, my brother and I wish only the best for you. May the new year bring you nothing less than health and happiness. Big hugs!

Edan Bar-Lev, Los Angeles

December 3, 2008

Amanda Lappin! I must say that although I haven''t known you for very long I have seen some of your struggles, and admire you for all that you have been through in your life! You are a strong amazing person, and I wish you luck in your adventures ahead of you! If I can give you any advice I would tell you to believe in yourself, and your strength and you can overcome anything you are faced with! Know that you are in my thoughts!

"Our character is but the stamp on our souls of the free choices of good and evil we have made through life."
-- John Cunningham Geikie

Jenny Topping, Long Beach, CA