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I am writing this letter to ask for prayers and support for my husband, Ron Lawrence. Ron is a loving husband, wonderful father, and devoted son. He loves to tease his grandchildren whom he loves dearly.

Ron has always worked hard to support his family but in 1990, he developed heart disease. Since then he has had multiple heart attacks, pulmonary embolisms and other heart related problems. In August, 2012, he was referred to the Philadelphia University of Penn Hospital. Ron was to have an ablation in March 2013 but crashed on the table so his doctors decided he needed to have the ablation and a LVAD implanted at the same time. Ron underwent this procedure in May, 2013 but only a few months later his LVAD developed a blood clot in the pump. He was rushed into surgery to replace the pump but doctors decided the only option left for Ron is to have a lifesaving heart transplant. He was put on the list. We are waiting for that call at any time.

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October 27, 2014

It has been a trying few months for Ron and I. He has been in and out of the hospital with all kinds of complications. He just came again from the hospital where he was being treated for over 30 pounds of fluid retention. They cannot find out the reason for him retaining the fluid even though they did every test imaginable. He is working on losing 5 pounds more of fluid and they will reduce the fluid meds. I am praying that with the reduction, he will not start retaining the fluid again. Please continue to pray for him as this also causes him to get down. Thanks for your support in everything.

April 30, 2014

Ron had a scare last Thursday. Doc called from Philly and thought he might have a bleeder going on. So we went out and he was admitted. They did all kinds of tests but found no bleeders. Thank God!!! We came home Saturday night and he is doing good. He is still having trouble with fluids and I am waiting for doc to call back. They will probably increase his fluid pills again.


December 22, 2013

Last one is to say Ron, not correct love you guys

ashley merriam

December 22, 2013

Pat and know I love you both like you are my own family and I will spread the word on this and hope and pray people can donate.tom you are the strongest person I know hang in there, this wool happen for you, youwill have a new heart

Ashley merriam

December 21, 2013

Pat and Ron, my prayers are with you. Things will get better, have faith. He is too tough and ornery!!!!!!! Love and miss you both.

Teresa Shirey