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Family and friends,

As many of. you know, Dave Nichols’ lung disease, called pulmonary hypertension, has worsened to the point that he requires a heart & lung transplant. We are raising money for the nonprofit Help Hope Live which will help pay for the expenses associated with temporary housing in the Fairfax, Virginia area after transplant. Dave, along with his wife, Mary, will need to stay in the vicinity of INOVA Heart & Vascular Institute— where he will wait until a donor is found—as well as for an extended period after surgery due to the frequency of the testing that is required to adjust his immunosuppressive therapy to make sure his new heart and lungs remain healthy.

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May 4, 2023

Dave has been doing very well, but we’ve had a minor setback involving some pneumonia. He’s on the mend, but this will extend our time in Fairfax for at least another week, possibly longer. It depends on how cautious the team will be after discharge and how quickly he improves.

March 24, 2023

This morning, Dave is having a swallow study, where they put a tiny camera into his esophagus to make sure he’s able to eat and drink without accidentally aspirating anything into his new lungs. Even a tiny accident where he gets a little something “down the wrong pipe” could end up with him getting pneumonia. This is a routine test and is being done from an abundance of caution. I’m sure Dave cannot wait to have some soup. He really, really likes soup.

He’s not sleeping very well and that’s causing some issues with his overall mental state. I hope all of that will resolve when I’m finally allowed to be with him and comfort him tomorrow.

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July 12, 2023


Diana Dutton

May 5, 2023

It’s not much, but I know every little bit helps. If it helps ease your stress in the tiniest way, I’m happy.

Rita Butler

May 4, 2023

Please get better quickly. Holding you in the Light.

Kristin Loken