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Collin’s Road to Recovery

Collin broke his C5 and C6 vertebrae and suffered a severe spinal cord injury while at the beach with his friends. He has very limited mobility in his arms and hands, and currently no feeling below the chest. Collin is currently working hard with the amazing staff at Craig Hospital to increase his mobility and independence. We’re asking our family, friends, and community to join us in fundraising with the nonprofit Help Hope Live to help with the rising expenses Collin will face during rehabilitation.

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July 4, 2024

Dear Friends,

Happy 4th of July!

It is hard to believe that a year ago today Collin and I were facing his fast-approaching Discharge Date from Craig Hospital and were so scared to enter back into the "real world." We had just purchased the mobility van and were venturing out to explore Colorado in our last days. Well, that turned out to be a comedy of errors - we got stuck in the van during a storm throwing down hail the size of billiard balls. We had gone to the iconic Red Rocks Amphitheater to see Blues Traveler with another Craig patient and his parents who were also from San Diego, thinking it would be nice for the boys to feel somewhat "normal" while they were only thinking about what all their able-bodied friends were doing partying in Pacific Beach back home.

So, we get to Red Rocks and it's a beautiful, sunny day which quickly disintegrated to an announcement to leave and wait in our cars until the storm passed. As the entire venue evacuated, we all packed into the van: Collin in his power chair, Tanner in his manual chair and us parents. We couldn't get the ramp up, but at least we were protected from the hail. Finally, we got the ramp closed and waited out the storm. When it looked like the skies had cleared and people were heading back into the venue, we all decided we could rejoin the crowds and enjoy the concert... and then oh crap... the ramp won't go down. I had a sudden jolt of fear which quickly dissipated into a laugh because of course we had all been through worse challenges in the past 4 months. It was comical that here I had 2 boys in chairs, 6 inches off the ground, and I couldn't get them out of the car... Welcome to your new life!

After pushing a bunch of buttons, manually opening and closing everything, calling the poor guy from Mobility Works on his holiday to walk me through how to operate the ramp, it finally went down! We went back in to enjoy the concert when about 5 songs in here came another hailstorm... By this time, Tanner and his family had given up and driven back to the hospital. Collin and I tried to ride out the storm in the Visitor Center, but not knowing if the ramp was going to work again and the late hour (it was approaching 11:00pm) and the fact that we were getting crushed in the corner by all the concert goers cramming into the Visitor Center for shelter, we decided to swim upstream and try to get out and to the van. So, it's pouring rain and Collin had just gotten his power chair which costs about $20k and I was NOT going to let that get ruined, I covered him in a poncho that the Rec Center gals at Craig had let us borrow. It was blowing wind so hard, I didn't even bother with an umbrella and just let myself get soaked as we made our way back to the van. Well, by this time someone had parked so close to us, I wasn't going to have enough room to even try to get the ramp down without backing up a bit. The problem was that the Uber drivers had already started to queue up in the lot so I had to ask them to make room so I could back up a few feet to try to get the ramp out for Collin. Meanwhile, he's getting pelted by rain as I hop back in the car, reverse a bit, and hold my breath as I press the magical VMI button which causes the ramp to engage... IT WORKED!!! THANK YOU GOD. Collin quickly rolled in, I pulled back into the spot, and we sat there pulling off our drenched clothing, crying/laughing with relief and exhaustion. I white-knuckled it back to the hospital in the storm because Colorado roads are not well lit and streets were totally flooded. After getting Collin dried off, through his night care, and in bed, I remembered I had some apple pie in the refrigerator - and gosh darn it- I was determined to eat apple pie on the 4th of July!!

So, as I sit here today, with what is (so far) a much more mellow 4th of July (knowing that that could change in the blink of an eye), we wish you a very HAPPY 4th of JULY!!! Our family is filled with gratitude for all of YOU who have supported Collin during this past year. He continues to work SO HARD every day to develop new strength and abilities. He has gone surfing twice now, and we realize that our next fundraising goal needs to be for an "off-road" power chair that will allow him to get over the sand to the water's edge and easily access the surfboard, as well as be used on trails for hikes. This will really help Collin join our active family in all our outside endeavors.

We want to leave you with this link that features Collin on ABC Nightly News. The segment is entitled "AMERICA STRONG" and that truly is what Collin embodies. On this national holiday, we want to thank all of you for your continued support. Copy/paste this link into your web browser (or see the home video below):

Much love,

The Bosse Family


June 2, 2024

Dear Friends,

Our prayers were answered last weekend! COLLIN WENT SURFING!!! He had so many friends on hand to help and support him from his PT gym Adapt Movement and the group called Waves for All. Everything went well with his morning routine, blood pressure, etc, so we went for it!! We borrowed the helmet, the life jacket, the booties... try putting those on paralyzed feet! But, it helps protect the skin on his feet. Some of you have asked, "What happens when he falls off?" And, yes, it's what you think... he just holds his breath, facedown, and waits for someone to get to him. Thankfully, his lungs have recovered from the initial tragedy and he can again hold his breath really well- which is what saved his life over a year ago! But, Collin's bravery and determination is so inspiring to watch.

I think Brian and I were more nervous than Collin who was just SO STOKED to taste and feel the ocean water again. He had THE BIGGEST smile on his face!!! Brian and I cried as the volunteers were paddling him out to the waves because this is such an emotional journey. The dark, dark days 13 months ago when we were just trying to make sense of our new reality seemed so distant last Saturday... the skies cleared, the warm sun came out, Collin was surrounded by love and support of his friends, and the beauty of all the volunteers and families sharing the stoke for him/us is hard to capture in words. Collin was already trying different boards and the guys from Waves for All were already talking about different shapes and features that would work for Collin's abilities. We can't wait to buy him his first board!!

In other news, Collin has continued to show extreme grit and determination off the beach. He helped his friend Colin make a video for Google that features innovative new software that will help quadriplegics navigate their email, the web, games etc. Also, in the spirit of not letting life knock you down too long, Collin applied and was accepted to two MBA programs for the fall! He is working on getting some grants and scholarships that will hopefully cover some of the cost at either SDSU (his alma mater) or University of San Diego (where Summer just got her law degree). Going back to school will allow Collin to continue his PT sessions 3 times a week, which has proven to be so important for his mental well-being, as well as all the physical gains he has made that allowed him to ride those waves last weekend!

Thank you all so very much for your kind words of love and encouragement! Our family is humbled by all the support. We really thank God that he's put all you great people in our lives.

Much love,

Bosse Family


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April 16, 2024

Praying for you all.

Jen Holdren

February 6, 2024

Friend of the Hoyer Nielsen's, thinking about you and admiring your determination.

Nannette Erdtmann - de Groot

January 30, 2024

The many participants in the REEF & RUN summer ocean swimming event support Collin Bosse !

Reef & Run LLC Reef & Run LLC