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Help Kathleen Breathe Free
*If my husband gave you a card that landed you on this page, this is the reason he wears a mask: to prevent him from bringing any germs or viruses to me; I had my transplant July 24th 2023 and am totally immunocompromised.

May 20, 2024. It has been one year since I started this page, and a LOT has happened in that time! (The Updates section below has real-time reports in greater detail.) My right side lung transplant was July 24th; and for the first few days all was going well. The doctors started to notice a buildup of fluid in the lung cavity, and when they analyzed the fluid, it was found to be the lymphatic fluid, known as Chyle. I was moved back to ICU while more tests, x-rays, etc. occurred. Chyle is normally present in the lymph system, but it is not supposed to be leaking out into the lung cavity! There were numerous attempts to stop the leakage, including using a robot system to put 1 mm clamps on the leaking lymphatic ducts, but none were successful. The final solution was another operation, this time to remove a portion of the lymph glands (about the size of a small fist) from the lung cavity, so I have not one, but two scars on my back, and four smaller scars where the drain tubes were located. The things a lady will do for beauty marks!

Updates (63)

May 24, 2024

May 23, 2024. The transplant team called today, and all the numbers are moving in the right direction. No changes in medicines for this week! Kathleen went to the Gene Fullmer Rec Center today and worked on the new step, and her leg extensions, then walked the track for 3/16ths of a mile, that's about 1000 feet. Compared to the 200 feet she was able to walk in the hospital, that's a great improvement. Her plan is to go work out every other day, if her overall condition allows it.

Another great day, and hopes for many more.

Her happy husband, Bob

May 20, 2024

May 19, 2024. The last 10 days have been a constant show of improvement. Kathleen's white blood cells, platelets, and hemoglobin continue to move up; her oxygen saturation remains in the high 90's (excellent), and the red blood cell count is slightly improved. Her Pulmonary Function tests are showing improved capacity in the new lung, which is the result of more exercise and activity. The constant cough and very sore throat Kathleen experienced for 90 days have both worn themselves out and gone away. Kathleen has reached a point where she no longer becomes tired during the day, and her appetite is improving, due in no small part to being able to taste food better. She has lost a considerable amount of weight over the past year (which she really didn't have any to lose), but now that the weight has stabilized/is increasing, she treated herself to some new outfits, and I do say she looks good in them! (Of course, I am not biased at all.) We have been out to dinner a couple of times, being careful to go to restaurants were we feel comfortable with the food safety, and at not busy times. Kathleen even picked our favorite Thai restaurant for one of the outings, and the food was extremely tasty.

Saturday (May 18) night, two of our granddaughters were initiated into Bethel 16, Job's Daughters International, which is a Masonic related group for young women. We were very excited to be able to attend the ceremony! Yes, we wore masks, did the social distance thing, and yes, she had an O2 tank, but it was wonderful to see some of our old friends again, and watch the ritualistic ceremony performed by Bethel 16 of Midvale, UT.

Today both of us signed up for gym memberships at the Gene Fullmer Recreation Center in West Jordan, so we don't have to drive up to the University Hospital for her physical/pulmonary therapy. This county-run facility is less expensive than commercial gyms, and we hope we won't have to see all the "hotties and hulks" showing off while we try to exercise! LOL

Our plan right now is to have a HelpHopeLive fundraiser at The Black Sheep Bar and Grille in West Jordan on May 31st. This will give us an opportunity to explain what HelpHopeLive is, and why we are fundraising (Duh! It's the medical bills, stupid). I'll post more on that later this week.

Thank you all for your kind words, thoughts, prayers, and donations.

Her happy and hopeful husband, Bob!

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November 2, 2023

My prayers are with you.

Eric Jones

September 22, 2023

Good luck and god bless.


July 29, 2023

Meghan is such an amazing daughter and has been my friend for decades. I wish you the best in your journey.

Rebecca Day