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Zeke’s Miraculous Save!

On June 7, 2023 the Clark DeForrest family went through an unthinkable tragedy. Their three-year-old son, Zeke Clark, was involved in a catastrophic accident. In an act of miraculous STRENGTH and SHARP THINKING by his loving Dad, Jonathan Clark, the expeditious and swift actions of his two oldest siblings-Cameron (16) and Chloe (14), and his Mom-Zeke’s life was miraculously spared.

Updates (7)

September 25, 2023

And so it begins! First day of Rehab

August 30, 2023

A great day at NEMOURS. Zeke just got fitted for his prosthetic today. Cheyenne and Bryan from Fox Philly joined us to document the process and we’re so thankful for them joining us to share our story. Next steps are for the prosthetic to be made and for rehab to start in mid-September. At that point, Jonathan and Zeke will be making their way to Wilmington 3x a week for his intensive rehab. Thank you for your continued support. Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers as they start commuting. One step closer to our baby getting back on his feet.

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September 23, 2023

God Bless you Zeke!!


September 11, 2023

Happy to support Zeke and your family, and looking forward to the behind the scenes tour at Funland!

Michael Potter

September 4, 2023

In honor of Zeke - beachapalooza 23

Emily Bernet