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One Family
Two Children
Three Transplants

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October 8, 2013

Need funds for Cobra premiums
Jen will turn 26 on February 20th and will no longer be eligible for coverage under her father’s insurance. She can elect for Cobra coverage but the premiums are $740 PER MONTH!

She recently completed a CNA class and took her state certification tests. She is still waiting on the results of the state tests but is hopeful she passed and will soon be able to find employment. Reguardless of how long it takes to find a job it will be several months before she would be eligible for insurance so she has to get Cobra insurance for her medical care.

Just two of her medications alone would be $1500 per month if she loses her insurance, not to mention approximately $1000 for labs per month.

We still have cookbooks available to sell. They are $10 each. If shipping is needed there is an additional $2 charge. We have 150 cookbooks left. If we could sell all we’d have enough for 2 months of Cobra for Jen.

Won’t you please help us help Jen?

October 8, 2013

Cookbooks still available – funds are low
The funds in Jen & Jon’s account are very low, less than $100. We still have about 150 cookbooks available for purchase. They are 12.50 which includes $2.50 for shipping. Currently this is our only fund raiser. Please consider purchasing one to help replenish their account. The cookbooks would make great Christmas presents.


October 8, 2013

hi you two,,,my name is Tony Pais,i also live in Murray county,and am in need of a transplant[liver]..would like to wish both of you and your family the very best,,,,,God Will prevail,and may he bless you two..if youd like to e-male me,,[email protected]

Tony Pais ,,Eton Ga