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Noah is on the grow, and that’s a good thing. As a former 26-week micro-preemie he wasn’t expected to live this long, make it this far, or achieve the milestones he has. With that said Noah needs a new, to him, ride. As a finely minted fourteen-year-old, Noah leads an active life despite the long list of diagnoses that include but aren’t limited to cerebral palsy, LGS epilepsy, cortical visual impairment, obstructive sleep apnea and more.

Noah is a trainwreck on paper, yet he is NOT that paper! The kid you read about in a medical chart or IEP is not the same kid you meet. He is jovial, loving, observant and mischievous.

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November 2, 2023

We've had a busy busy week. We joined our friends from The Kyle Pease Foundation to take on the 2023 Marine Corps Marathon in Arlington, VA.

This was Noah's 7th time getting to the MCM starting line, and the first time crossing the finish line with a new runner, Marianne from Utah. Our friend, Kevin got Noah across the other 6 finish lines (Kevin and I pushed together for Noah's first MCM in 2014).

Not running with Noah is a mixed bag of emotions. My body said it can't do that distance AND be the primary caregiver, so I've handed over the reigns. Entrusting Noah, who is medically complex, with a stranger for 26.2 (5.5 hours) was a bit unnerving and required a lot of trust. It also brought on the opportunity for me to be on the sidelines and being Noah's biggest & loudest cheerleader!

No longer pushing has been the best thing to happen! It allows me to have my version of being a "soccer" or "football" mom! Noah has some autonomy. Strangers become friends, and a new group of people get involved in promoting and advocating for inclusion.

Be sure to check out the album below and visit The Kyle Pease Foundation website for more pics of the experience.

Choose Joy,


November 2, 2023

Woohoo and THANK YOU for your support!

We're one step closer to the van!!

THANK YOU Leslie P FitChic of Lean Body Fitness for hosting the water bottle fitness workout for the Keep Noah Rolling campaign.

It was a high energy full body workout!!

If you missed it, you missed a treat! You can still consult with Leslie to identify your fitness goals and have a FANTABULOUS fitness trainer & nuture accountability coach. Reach her at

THANK YOU to everyone who contributed ANY $$ amount! Because of YOU, Noah is $3,032 closer to goal.

We have a few more fundraising activities planned before the end of the year.

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March 20, 2024

Naomi you are an amazing woman of God.

Chaplain Louella Simmons

December 28, 2023

From grocery trips to road trips, wishing you many adventures big and small, Noah!

Ellen Schultz

December 18, 2023

Thank you for your kindness in giving us a jump in Augusta !

Jeff Elmore