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My name is Tashawna Shepard.

I am a licensed CNA. I love spending time with my family. I also like dancing, singing, making arts and crafts, and cooking. I have been married for almost 10 years. My husband and I now have 5 children. We just welcomed our 1st boy, as of September 2023. Two weeks after giving birth, I was experiencing very sharp pains in my back. So, my husband took me to Orlando Hospital.
When we arrived at the hospital, they ran multiple tests and blood work. Doctors came into the ER to inform my husband and I that they would be admitting me. I was informed that I have a rare heart failure. I am currently diagnose with Postpartum Cardiomyopathy, with an enlarged heart. This heart failure is rare, and it can occur in women during their later months of pregnancy or a week or two after delivering. It could possibly happen in 1 out of 1,000,000 women. This is something that all women need to know about before, during, and after a pregnancy.
However, after being admitted into the hospital I ended up with an Impella heart pump which assisted my own heart functions. Come to find out that my heart was only pumping between 10-15%. I’ve also had echo-cardiograms, and 2 different Right Heart catheterizations within a weeks time. Eventhough i’ve been taking all my medications, my heart funtions have decreased even more. As of now, my heart is only pumping between 5-10%.
Having just given birth to our first baby boy, life just sent my family a blessing. It just hurt me to see anyone having to bear so much pain. To sit and wonder if you are going to able to see any of your children or child grow up. Not being able to dance, sing, or even spend time with your family. I need donations with the help of a Heart Transplant. So, if you can please help me to live a longer life, so that I can have hope all over again, that I will be able to see my children grow up, to live a new life with a chance to keep spreading my love.
I have chosen Help Hope Live for my campaign to fundraise because Help Hope Live assures accountability that funds raised can be used to help with receiving a Heart Transplant along with medical-related expenses. You would be able to follow my growth all over social media platforms. So, please donate. If you are not able to donate, please continue to follow and share my story. I am on a mission to stay alive for my family, and with help we can continue to…

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March 4, 2024

Thinking of & praying for you.
Lisa, a PPCM/heart sister

Lisa Drummond

February 5, 2024

We're all hoping you're well again soon. You're in our thoughts. Our family sends healing love to yours. <3

Lynnette Nees

February 1, 2024

All prayers up for you and your family! I’m sorry to hear this news about you, you’re a fighter tho! Stay strong you will be blessed! God has his arms wrapped around