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Maria Needs Your Help

Hi. My name is Maria Malinen. I am 54 years old and I live in Tequesta, FL. My story starts about 13 years ago, while living in Virginia. I was misdiagnosed with a salty diet to explain the excessive water retention in my legs. Sadly, if that doctor had done further testing at that time I may be in a much better situation now. I was in the process of moving and took the doctor at her word and took the water pill prescribed and moved to Florida. My legs continued to enlarge and then I began to have other swelling problems. I went to another doctor who sent me for blood work. Based on those results I was told to go straight to the hospital. They confirmed that I had already lost most of my kidney function and there was nothing that could be done to reverse it. I was diagnosed with Lupus and it would only be a matter of time before I would be on dialysis. In May 2000 it got so bad I was rushed to the hospital unable to breath. The fluid retention had now gotten to my lungs. I then received my first access and started receiving dialysis.
In the years since then I have had at least 10 different dialysis accesses and double that in temporary catheters, all eventually being taken out due to infection. I have had well over 25 surgeries. The last access in my arm now has been confirmed to be my last access available for dialysis. The doctors have exhausted all their options. This last access could get infected at any time. I have been on the transplant list in Orlando for 10 years, due to my blood type and high antibodies I am a hard match. The high antibodies are from blood transfusions which is common for dialysis patients. I have no living donor who can donate for me. At this time, I am also doing a process called I.G.I.V in an attempt to lower my antibodies, making me a better candidate for transplant.
I currently have completed my testing at the transplant center in Tampa but in order to be considered for a transplant I am required to raise $6,000 to pay for uninsured medical expenses. To meet these expenses I have established a fundraising campaign with HelpHOPELive, a nonprofit that has been assisting the transplant community for over 30 years. To make a tax deductible contribution:
For credit card contributions, please select the DONATE NOW button above or call 800.642.8399.


September 1, 2013

You know im with you Maria, But ive gotta wait until i get caught up on my bills , in which should only be somewhere around 3 more weeks! i will gladley help you Maria I know its alot to ask you ,but just hang in there.You know who is with you!

Willyp - Port St. Lucie