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Dear Friends and Family,

Lynette has been battling kidney disease for over four years and is presently on at-home dialysis. Thanks to the advantages of modern medicine, she has been closely monitored, has received proper medical care, and will have a chance at a long and healthy life (unlike her father, Lynn, who passed away from the disease in 1985 at age forty-nine) through the miracle of a kidney transplant. Lynette is a stay-at-home grandma to her precious ten-year-old blind and autistic grandson, Noah. Lynette adores children and devotes her time to brighten their lives and futures. There’s not a child she knows that she hasn’t made a quilt for, taken to the park or bought a pair of shoes. Her faith and love of family especially her grandson, Noah, has given Lynette the fight and determination to live.


April 25, 2012

Hey Lynette and Mike! I'm really proud of you and your courage. I have written on my calendar to be praying on May 12th for a very successful transplant! Please let me know if there's anything Robin and I can do for you.

Jeff Rutledge/Cary, NC

March 8, 2012

Loving you through this :)

Love YOU!!

Michelle/Morrisville, NC