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Things have changed in the last few years. Donnie is no longer the “mean bus driver” he is now only driving on a part time basis for another school district.

As it stands right now he is having some problems with his kidneys that we are trying to get worked out but hopefully after a few more visits that will be taken care of. We are praying at this point that he will not need a kidney as well as his liver.

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October 13, 2017

We just spent three days in Philadelphia. Good news we are now multi- listed. Thomas Jefferson University Hospital has agreeded to add Donnie as a patient on their listing for a Liver/ Kidney as of 10/10/17. We are over the moon. They are a very aggressive hospital that while down there getting tested and meeting the Doctors we learned that in 9 days they had done 8 liver transplants. I learned so much whole visiting those three days that I had to come home and get my head on straight with all the info. While down there we also stayed at the Gift of Life House. What a beautiful place and wonderful people. I just can’t say enough for either place. Please keep us in your prayers as we keep this journey going. TJUH is hoping that Donnie will have new organs within the next year. I pray I can drive the distance without getting a speeding ticket getting us there
Thank you all for being there for us. We love you all.
Donnie and Ann

August 19, 2017

It has been quite a spring and summer here at Hershey Med Center with Donnie. As of this past August/September Donnie is now in need of both a Liver and kidneys. His Kidneys stopped functioning and he needed to go thru 4 days of dialysis to allow his kidneys some rest before they restarted for him. We are back and forth with numerous stays at the Med Center this year again and have decided that with the fact that his MELD score does not seem to go above 30 and that they will not actively look for organs until it gets to at least 35, we may go down south to see if he can possibly get organs a little quicker. That means some fundraising so that we can stay in that area for a time while he waits for those organs and while he recovers from surgery and that they feel he can come back home to be followed up by the Dr.s here at Hershey. Right now we are making weekly trips to Hershey on Mondays for him to have blood work done and then every other week he gets fluid removed off of his stomach area as well. Also, at times he is going up for transfusions due to his low hemoglobin count, this low count makes it hard for him to breathe and makes him extremely tired all the time.
I am just praying that we can get some good news from one of the hospitals that accepts his insurance that they will accept him as a patient and also hopefully will help with some financial aid for the procedure itself and that all we really would need to worry about is our living expenses and all the meds and stuff that go along with his transplant and well that is a lot. LOL.
Oh by the way Donnie has found a way that he likes to scare me. He does not do well with anesthesia. Yes, he likes to stop breathing after having procedures that require regular anesthesia. Donnie had to have several teeth removed recently and well stopped breathing when they brought him back up to the room. Yes, I have never ever in my life seen a room at a hospital fill so quickly. I was shouting answers to the dr as to what blood products Donald had been given that day and to the procedure he just came back from and well he told me he was quite impressed with my performance. The rapid response team gave him some narcan and well that did not phase Donnie so they had the anesthesia team on the ready to stick a breathing tube down his throat. they were all set and ready when he decided to start coming around. they proceeded to transport him to the ICU that was up one floor and well he decided to quit breathing again so I was not allowed on his elevator and had to take the next one. Once he was all settled in the room he was fine again and well was discharged the very next day good as new just minus 7 teeth.
I am happy to say he is no worse for wear and well he does not remember me doing the sternum rub and screaming at him and beating on his chest and telling him ” That I swear to God if he dies on me I was going to go back into the room and beat him to death” LOL the Chaplin got a laugh out of that.
So for closing, please if you have any ideas for a fundraiser please shoot them to me because like I said as soon as we have Dr. Krok in Hershey contact Vanderbuilt Hospital in TN. and if and when they accept Donald and we have to go for a general first appointment workup we will need to probably get things moving pretty quickly.
Thanks everyone
we love you all.
Donnie and Ann


October 8, 2013

All of your friends are praying for you! God Bless You!

Blairs/ Myerstown Pa

October 8, 2013

Hi Donnie, Ann & Matt I wanted to say hello and wish you the very very best. As always, we keep you in our thoughts and prayers. Floyd, Linda & Marshall

Floyd F Thomas III / Fort Edward, NY