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Oct 31, 2012

255 days and counting. 8.5 months. After the one year date I will be able to not worry as much about infection. And I will be able to do more without worrying so much. Infection will always be an issue. Using good common sense seems to be the key. But I have to admit I still get freaked out when someone sneezes or coughs around me. Especially since it’s flu season.
The dizziness has finally gone away. My weight has leveled off. I am not gaining but I’m not losing either. I really don’t have much of an appetite. So I am hoping with my prednisone being down to 5mg/day and my suppressed appetite the weight will eventually come off. A couple of the meds I’m on cause sleeplessness, and I am feeling this side effect alot. I have no problem going to sleep. But after about 3 hours I wake up and either can’t go back to sleep or I sleep but don’t feel like I am. YUCK. I have talked to the doctor about this and we have come up with Plan B. Hopefully it will work. I am up to 2 months between clinic visits. We are moving right along.

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March 25, 2012

Home 18 days-Home Sweet Home
I’ve been home for a couple of weeks now. I have been off my oxygen now for 3 full days. I’m even sleeping without oxygen. I have been sleeping with oxygen since Mar. 2011. AND I have taken a couple of showers without my oxygen. The humidity is a killer. It’s like trying to suck pudding through a straw. Not anymore!! We are still tweaking my meds. This will go on for quite some time. Due to rejection and infection. My next big mile stone is to get to drive. Hopefully I will get the OK Tuesday at clinic. Keep your fingers crossed.

Thanks again for everything everyone has done for us. Love you all. Donna

February 18, 2012

30-Days On the List
Friday, Feb. 17th marked the 30th day of waiting for THE CALL. Donna is in great spirits and celebrated by going to Respiratory Rehab to workout. This rehab involves supplying her with 20+ liters per minute of oxygen while she does some light exericise to keep those muscles in use. She enjoys it because it is one of the few times she gets that much oxygen.

To those of you that have contributed to the fund both Donna and me want to thank you for your generousity and support thru this process. It will really mean alot for us to have this resource available to her now and in the future.

Bless you, Donna & Rusty

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May 29, 2012

Donna-it was so good to see you at the Hudson's. Enjoyed your 5/23 update. Best wishes.

Patty & David. Pflugerville

April 15, 2012

We're liking the sounds of the recent updates; more time on the deck is always good. Keep it up!

Doug and Carol, San Diego

March 26, 2012

Lookin forward to fundraiser this weekend! Love ya!

lisa hirschi

February 20, 2012

I'll Always be one of your BIGGEST CHEERLEADERS. Now, the challenging part is up to you. Keep up the hard work. I love you.

Laurel Austin