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Scott Morgan, of Spring Branch, TX, formerly of La Coste, TX, was placed on a heart transplant list in June of2006 after a heart attack that resulted in irreversible cardiac damage. By June of 2009 his heart muscle had weakened to the point that he had surgery to install a VAD into his heart in order to keep his blood pumping. On August 12, 2009 he was the recipient of a heart transplant at Seton Medical Center in Austin, TX.

Because of the extraordinary expense of transplantation, funding this live-saving operation is a monumental task. Even with medical insurance, there are significant expenses not covered by insurance such as healthcare deductibles, co­payments, medications, travel, and housing away from home. This presents a challenge the Morgan family cannot meet alone.


October 21, 2009

Scott, this is Dicksie . . . checking out this site. Will be nice to learn if you have any contributions on this site.