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Sarah Needs Your Help

Dear Family and Friends,

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September 19, 2018

Sarah got a kidney on Feb 23, 2016, after a young man lost his life suddenly after a head injury, and his generous family chose to let him live on through others. Her numbers have been good at each appointment, so it seems that his kidney was just right for her body! The kidney was already functioning when she came out of surgery. Just a couple of days after the transplant, her memory was better, and she felt less tired than she had felt in years!

She was able to join the workforce by fall of 2016, so her Social Security disability payments ended, and she now pays for her own Medicare, which will go stop three years after transplant, in February, 2019. We just requested distribution from her Help Hope Live fund to pay the $ 804 premium. She is no longer eligible for Medicaid or the supplement that she had while she was on dialysis. So far, she has not had to request help with her anti-rejection (and many other) medications, that can run well over $2000 a month, because Medicare covers a portion of that, enough to justify the premium cost. She has migraines, stomach issues, and neuropathy that are residual of the treatments she has had, so she has extra meds that were not anticipated. However, compared to dialysis, she is happy to accept side effects!

She will continue to need supplemental insurance, even if she has work provided insurance, because many post transplant treatments are not fully funded. She really appreciates the funds that are on hand to help cover the shortages.

February 17, 2015

My wonderful, amazing Mamaw, Lucille Motsenbocker, passed away February 5, 2015. Her family (my father, his sister and brothers) have graciously agreed to request that any memorial donations be made to my transplant fund. While absolutely nothing can make up for the loss of my beautiful Mamaw I was blessed with, I am truly grateful for all that I am being given.

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February 18, 2015

Sarah, You are an amazing young woman! I am Blessed to call you cousin. Love. Love. your smile and wonderful attitude for life. Praying for you. Love, Shawn & Doug Willibey :)

Shawn Willibey

October 8, 2013

Praying for you Sarah and your family. I am glad to help pass on the way to donate.

Kelly Cummings/ Wellington

October 8, 2013

This friend of your Uncle Freddy holds you in her heart this morning.

Mary Grace Ketner, San Antonio

October 8, 2013

Sarah, be strong in the Lord! You can do all thing with Him that strengthens you! You are in my thoughts and prayers Sarah. You are an awesome woman and you are going to beat this thing and go on to live a wonderful life. God has a plan for you!!!

Carie McCowen Abilene, Texas