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Timothy’s Wish…
I wish I can see again.
Dear Friends and Family,
It has been a year since Timothy had his first Stem Cells Transplant in China. At first, we were disappointed with the result because our focus was solely in his vision recovery. It took us few months after the transplant to realize that some good thing has happened. Timothy is starting to crawl more frequently, something we have not seen for a long time. In addition, his involuntary eye movement has greatly reduced since the vision lost.

In December 2012, we decided to return for a second transplant. The treatment went well and we felt Timothy got more result from the second treatment compared to the first. His teachers are very surprise of his recovery. They felt Timothy’s cognition has improved and his thought process is much more organized. PTs are telling us that his high tone is less. Timothy now uses less effort when we walk him. Generally, he is more relaxed. Another thing we noticed, his circulation is much better. In the past, he always has icy cold feet even with double layer of socks. But this winter, his legs are much warmer.

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September 11, 2013

Wednesday, September 11th, 2013

 Another gorgeous day! Today we had a buffet breakfast in the hotel just like yesterday and some of the characters of Mickey Mouse Club House came around taking pictures with the kids.  Timothy always gets nervous when they get too close to him but he is getting better though.  There were times when they get too close, he would just get so scare and cry.  He was pretty good today although he did complained a bit.  Yesterday he cried a little bit though and said he doesn’t want them close to him and wanted to leave. 

After breakfast, we visited the Buddha.  The car ride was about 45 minutes.  I can’t believe it’s all the way up the mountain.  It was a long roller coaster ride.  We kept sliding either to the left or the right of the car because we were driving up the mountain.  I have been falling fast asleep in the car because of lack of sleep since we left the hospital.  In the hospital we were able to get 2 rooms but in the hotel we have been getting one room and Timothy has been awaken by his dad every night since last Friday because of the snoring issue. 

We did not stay too long at the Buddha place.  Albert and Kyle went up the 300 plus stairs while Timothy and I stayed on the bottom to wait for them.  We were able to carried Timothy up last year but Timothy had gotten heavy and there was no way we were able to do that anymore. They said somebody was able to bring us up the 300 plus stairs by driving up the mountain but the driver was not around. 

We headed back early to the hotel and did some swimming the rest of the afternoon.  Timothy didn’t look that well today and was drooling quite a bit.  He wasn’t acting like himself at all and was looking exhausted.   It always gets me worry when he acts like this but later on I found out he has a bad canka sore on his lips.  That explains his drooling.  Every time he has a canka sore, he tends to act fatigue.  I suspect his canka sore is from the lack of sleep.  He was fast asleep tonight and we have an early flight tomorrow back home. 

September 11, 2013

Tuesday, September 10th, 2013

 We are finally in Hong Kong since yesterday at 1pm.  We are staying in Disneyland Hotel since most of the hotels are booked or the beds are too small.  But I have to say that I missed the huge room at Conrad in Sanya. 

The weather is beautiful today and we went to the Ocean Park.  One thing I did not realize is that there is actually an Aquarium inside the theme park.  We spend an hour in the Aquarium and the boys really enjoyed it.  After the Aquarium, Timothy was in the shop trying out different hats and took some pictures but he did not want Kyle to be in any of the pictures with him.  I thought it was so funny since he loves his brother so much and he didn’t want him to be part of any of those pictures.  I cannot believe there was not a lots of rides in a decent size theme park.  There are several sections to the theme park but each section has approximately 3-4 rides. 

There were several rides that we had to carry Timothy up the stairs since they don’t have a ramp.  But the worst was when we had to go to the Adventure Land section of the park, there were no elevators and only escalator which is like 2 stories high each.  We had to take 3 escalators down and between each escalator there were stairs.  Looking down the escalator scared me since it’s so high and the boys were moving around.  It was worth the hassle though since the boys really enjoyed the Mine Train and Raging River ride and we had to take the three escalators back up. 

We left the park around 6pm and head back to the hotel for dinner.  It was a fun and an exhausting day!  

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June 7, 2012

Hope things continue to progress for Timothy.. Good luck Julie.

Alex Meved/Staten Island

June 7, 2012

Hey Timmy. You are such a brave little soul. Hang in there buddy, there are many great wonders waiting for you to explore. Will be praying for you and thinking of you and your family.
Stay strong!

Cary/ Bklyn

June 7, 2012

Hang in there Timothy! May God give you strength to overcome! Look forward to seeing you in NY again.

Dr. Sing Chan / Flushing, NY