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Grace Patterson
HelpHOPELive South-Atlantic Liver Transplant Fund
Family and friends of Grace Patterson are raising money to pay for uninsured medical expenses associated with her liver transplant. Grace lives in Oakland, TN and is being treated at Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh.

Grace’s family has chosen to fundraise with HelpHOPELive in part because HelpHOPELive provides both tax-deductibility and fiscal accountability to her contributors. Contributors can be sure that funds contributed will be used only to pay or reimburse medically-related expenses.


April 24, 2008

I was just thinking about you!

Love, Grandma

April 10, 2008

What a beautiful daughter you two have. I'm praying for all of you.

Chris Boller, Nashville

April 4, 2008

Good Morning My Precious Grandaughter. You are such a awesome gift from our Lord. One sweet day, when you are older, you will know how The Lord worked miracles in your life to get you your new liver. I know The Lord is using you to touch many lives for Him. You told me for the first time last night on the phone "love you", my heart went pitty patt. I love you and Noah so very much. Also, one day you will know what incredible parents you have and how much Noah watches over you and loves you. You are so cute when you say "No No" when you are calling Noah.

With Hugs and Kisses, Love Grandma