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Breathing is something most of us take for granted. I did. But when your lungs do not provide the air you need, your body becomes paralyzed and you can’t move. I have been slowly loosing lung capacity since I was diagnosed with Pulmonary Fibrosis in 2005. It is very difficult to attempt simple activities even with the use of oxygen. After breathing tests, x-rays and a cat scan of my lungs, the results showed that the disease has progressed and a lung transplant is necessary.

Organ transplantation is life-saving but very expensive. Even with insurance, I will have many uninsured transplant-related expenses such as: co-pays and deductibles, doctors’ visits, travel and temporary relocation housing at Mason House to be near the transplant center and the costly immunosuppressant medications that I will need to take for the rest of my life. As a result, the McKelvey Lung Transplant Center at Emory has recommended fundraising to help ease the financial burden for these uninsured expenses.


May 2, 2014

I pray that Jehovah grants you full healing. In Jesus Name.

Tara Cova

April 10, 2014

Hi daddy, Just wanted you to know that I love you, support you and I am here for you in WHATEVER want or need. You are the strongest and most determined man I know.. You will fight to the last and as you say, you hang in there. You could be feeling really bad, and in pain but ask you and you'd say "I'm hanging in there." with a smile on your face. :-) you try not to let anything bring you down. You are always optimistic and hopeful for the best. I love you so so much and cannot picture my life without you in it. Wishing you many blessings, better health and strength, happiness, no pain and praying for a full recovery. XoXo

Your daughter Cindy

April 10, 2014

Thanks Kelly to you and your family!


April 3, 2014

I know how hard it is to have a loved one that is sick and in need of medical attention... In addition to my donation, my family and I will be praying for your daddy.

Kelly Dean