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In 1997, Gavin Peters’ health began to slowly deteriorate. After extensive testing, doctors couldn’t tell him what was wrong and sent him on his way, keeping him wondering and worried. Years passed, and his health continued to decline. His work as a skateboarding instructor and manager of a local skate park was becoming more difficult as his coordination and vision got worse.

In 2003, at only 27 years old, Gavin was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. His passion for skateboarding and for art remained but were hindered by his condition. He began to rely on a cane to walk.


September 14, 2011

Donation made in memory of Abe Scher.

Claire and Jo, London

September 14, 2011

Donation made in memory of Abe Scher.

Cordelia, London

April 2, 2011

Hi Gavin, It was wonderful to see you again last night at Bart's book store. It was lovely to see your parents, and we had a nice talk. Your mom and dad are so so nice. My son Ryan says hi and he was happy to meet you. Please, please let me know if there is anything I can do to help. 'Love, Linda

Linda Huyler Oxnard, Ca

December 12, 2010

Hello, I'd love to learn more about your treatment in India as well as your fundraising for your stem cell transplant. I also have MS and am trying to get a stem cell transplant here in the US.

Emily Lori Cameron - Tucson, AZ