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Jennifer (Mowl) Pettyjohn is my daughter and is a single mom of a very bright and beautiful five year old daughter, Ella Rae. Jennifer was diagnosed at 13 years of age with a deteriorating kidney disease, which was due to an undiagnosed case of strep infection. She was told by the age of 25 she would need a kidney transplant. We’ve made it six years past that prediction. Jennifer has been on dialysis three days a week for two years. Her only chance of living a full complete life is with a kidney transplant.

Jennifer is focused on the future. With the support of her family, and her wonderful Eric, she continues to work full time and care for Ella as her health allows. She wants what everyone wants, a home, a career, a family, the ability to live completely without having to rely on dialysis to survive.

Updates (4)

February 16, 2013

Transplant Time

The transplant unit called to give us the time that the procedures should start. Everything is still a go for Monday (Feb. 18th). Jared will go into surgery around 6:50AM and Jen will go into surgery at 7:40AM.

As the day progresses, I will keep everyone updated!!


February 22, 2013


As of today Friday Feb 22, everything is going amazingly well. Jared has been at home since Wednesday. Other then a little pain he is healing up great. Jen finished up her last super dose of anti-rejection medicine yesterday afternoon then was released immediately following. She will go back to get her labs drawn for a couple days. Everything is functioning wonderfully. Thank you for all the kind words, thoughts and support.


February 19, 2013

My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. God bless.

Jodi Bruno

February 19, 2013

Love and prayers ! Thinking of you and your brother! It is a true gift of life.

Maureen lucking

February 18, 2013

Praying and thinking of you Jered and Jen!! pleased to hear the surgeries went well. We love you!

Amber and Mallory Loar