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Al Picazio is a 45 year old husband and a father of two growing girls, Kaitlyn and Kylie. He is a hard working man and musician who has lived in Pasco County for over 35 years. In June of 2009, during a regular scheduled check up, he was informed that he has End Stage Renal Disease. This distraught father was told that he would also need a kidney transplant. Al now receives dialysis 3 days a week at 3 1/2 hours a treatment. Without dialysis, Al would not survive.

Even with all that has happened to him, he has remained in good spirits. He receives joy in making people, especially his family, happy. He has also been working six days a week to make up for the time he has missed at work due to the dialysis treatments. The extra hours are still not enough. Since his diagnoses, Al can no longer work at the same pace he had in the past. He continues on, trying to save his family from financial ruin. Family and friends of Al Picazio are raising money to pay for uninsured medical expenses ( anti-rejection medication) associated with transplantation.