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Ryan’s Journey … From a Mother’s Heart

When it comes to your children, it seems like things frequently bring one to tears: tears of happiness when your son stops to pluck a marigold from the bush outside the front door and hands it to you with most of the petals missing, tears of joy when he returns from an overseas air force mission, and tears of anguish when learning of a terrible accident that has broken his body.

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October 7, 2012

Ryan, your strength and perseverance is an is an inspiration to us all!

Alan castaneda /SanFrancisco

September 13, 2012

Hi Ryan - Kim Cofer shared your story with me. I've known and loved your nephew Kobe since he was born and he's always been part of our lives. We wish you the best of luck with your recovery and know that no matter the outcome, you will be super successful in life and love. You have a great spirit - let it shine!!

Valerie Paxton, Ahwatukee AZ

September 11, 2012

Ryan and Meagan. I don't know you personally, but through God we are all brothers and sisters. I have glanced through some information about your situation and although I don't know the specifics of your accident, I KNOW that God can perform miracles. I work in physical therapy and have had patients who have been given little hope. I tell them the same thing I'm telling medical professional can put limits on the power of our mind and body. Our bodies were created so miraculously such that when the will is there the body will and does find a way. I had a patient who had a stroke 3 yrs ago and he was told what he had was all he would be able to do. I told him that the choice was his. I told him that the road is not easy, and it will be trying, frustrating, and downright difficult; but you do have the power to cause your miraculously created brain to reconnect, redevelop, and even create new nerves to empower you to do more and more. The person who had almost given up, 6 months later was walking up onto a step and back down with his own strength...even though 6 months prior when I met him he couldn't even lie on his back and hold his knee up (in a bent/flexed position).

Fight, fight, and then fight even more. I tell my patients to think about what their struggles are today and then don't focus on the struggle, but then give yourself the ability to realize that when life is getting difficult you can look back and see some of the struggles that are no longer difficulties. I've had some journeys of my own lately, which tried my faith and has brought me closer to my savior.

As hard as it is for a young, independent couple to learn to ask for help--even from outside of your immediate family--it's never weakness, but truly a sign of someone who is strong enough to say "I can't do this alone". I also learned one other thing during my own physical struggle this year, I have always had a difficult time asking what I can do for someone. They so often say they are fine (even though they're not), but then I was so afraid of interrupting their lives or being pushy, so I always backed away. During my ordeal, I learned that there are a lot of people who are on the outside and are so glad to share in the progress, but they don't want to really get too involved. Reach out for help, ask before you feel things are getting too overwhelming, be willing to tell people what you need, and seek guidance from God as to those who are truly willing to help in your time of need. I'll be praying for both of you!! I've sent a friend request on your group page, if there is anything I can do or provide information, please let me know.

Michelle Huston/Goodyear, AZ