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After finding out about Aquatic Therapy using an underwater treadmill available at a rehab hospital in Austin from my therapist, I was very excited to give it my best! It wasn’t an easy transition given I had very limited family there, but I gave it my best and the outcome was nothing short of miraculous!

Within the short 5 months of intensive therapy and devoting the majority of my time in the pool working on walking and trying to regain my arm muscles, I improved immensely! I was walking with my walker with very limited assistance! I was able to join the program available in the pool with a caregiver, allowing me to use the pool outside of the 2 days/week that my insurance covered.

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December 4, 2013

There is an exciting new therapy for Linda to improve her ability to stand and walk. The NEURORECOVERY NETWORK at TIRR is a critical next step for Linda's progress.

For the past two years Linda has aggressively been working hard to regain her life. In the past 8 months, she has improved dramatically. She took her first steps on her birthday this year, May 9th. Every day is a constant struggle and battle, but she gives everything to her dream of walking again!

Linda's therapists are amazed at her gains in her recovery. Since May 9th, Linda has been working hard on walking. With the help of her therapist, she has taken 500 steps. TIRR has a program founded by the Christopher Reeve Foundation, called NEURORECOVERY NETWORK. This program consists of specially trained therapists who will move Linda's legs and body to simulate walking. This therapy works to "AWAKEN" dormant neural pathways by repetitively simulating walking. It is crucial that participants enroll for a minimum of 20 sessions, and frequently more.

Unfortunately, Linda is currently unable to afford this promising therapy. Please help to continue her recovery and her opportunity to begin walking again.

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