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UPDATE: As of January 2013 Amanda has received a second transplant. This has been a blessing. She has been able to return to school. It has now been nine months since her second transplant. Amanda continues to experience some challenges, although she is a fighter and will give her most to overcome all. She has only 30% of her kidneys working. Unfortunately due to the increased amount of medicines she is now dealing with this. We are hoping to be able to extend the need for kidney transplant as much as possible. However this will be her next challenge. Our trips to the hospital continue to be a part of our life. She is still being monitored closely as she still has some challenges. I ask that you please continue to pray for my angel. Any contributions that you can give towards her ongoing medical condition is greatly appreciated.

Dear Friends and Family,

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February 27, 2014

As of February 2014 Amanda continues to battle with her chronic rejection in hopes of stabilizing her disease. Our challenges and trips to and from the hospital continue. She is currently receiving photopheresis treatments which removes her T-cells and avoids from her own immune system to continue destroying her lungs. Unfortunately she is now home on oxygen and had to leave school once again. We are grateful for all the support we have received but continue to ask for your help. As we have been struggling with her medical for five years it has taken a toll on us financially. Will you please continue to help us in our efforts. As we still need to be able to travel and maintain our family and home as one. I’m extremely grateful for any contribution and thank you from my heart! No gift is ever too small. God Bless

November 25, 2013

As of October 2013 Amanda has started to reject her new lungs. Her activity level has decreased again. Her treatments of photopheresis have help stopped the progress of her disease however her pulmonary function test have decreased significantly. She can no longer do the things she once dreamed of. School has now become a challenge and so has everything else in her life. She is now taking online classes once again in hopes of finishing her life dream of getting a college degree. Although she is sick and feels really bad from her treatments she continues to fight and deals with every problem head on. Her situation has limited her ability to eat and has lost more weight. She currently weights 103 pounds which is not much for her height. We are challenged with stomach problems, kidney failure and lung rejection. Every day of her life is a blessed one. We treasure each moment as much as we can and look forward to the few good ones. We continue our trips to Phili for her ongoing treatments. We ask for any contribution you can give to help us through our very long battle. It is more than greatly appreciated. As you can see we have been dealing her condition all her life however the last five years has been the most challenging ones. We have been traveling to Phili for five years ongoing to get her two transplants and ongoing treatments. This alone has taken a toll on us financially. We struggle with our out of pocket expenses as well. I want to thank you for your kindness and generosity but most of all I ask for your prayers. Amanda needs as many prayers as possible to get her to a point in her life that she will become stable enough to continue to live her dream. As a mother I struggle with the fact of not being able to give my daughter what she wants and that a chance in life. I thank you for any assistance you can give her to help our financial situation. God Bless! Angela


December 16, 2011

Hi Amanda, I wish you all the best darling. Love Auntie Luisa.

luisa herrera