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Scott & Steve Reid

Scott Reid (in need of a kidney transplant)

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August 9, 2012


Steve will donate a kidney to Scott on 8/15/12


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September 9, 2012

Hey Steve and Scott, I think we need to get the message out that kidney donation is not hard on the downer and is a safe and very successful surgery. I notice that people think that donating an organ will be very dangerous and they( the downer ) will shorten their own life span. I don't know the statistics, but downers can live normal lives after donating a kidney ect. There is still such fear involved with donation. Nobody in my family even got tested when my twin Phil and myself needed a kidney transplant. I was on dyalisis for 6 years before I got my cadaver kidney.

John Poteat/ Orlando FL.

August 22, 2012

Scott, I am very proud of you and admire the courage that you have shown throughout this entire process. I wish you a speedy recovery and a long and healthy life.

Cyndie/Scott's sister/Chester Springs, Pa

August 18, 2012

Scott, I really enjoyed working with you at Eaton. Time goes by pretty fast.It seems like a long time ago. I was taken by surprise when I heard that you were having these issues. Glad to hear that your brother is a match and I pray things go well for you.

Paul Rops, LaCrosse, Wi