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Dear Friends and Family,
As many of you know, Steven was diagnosed with chronic kidney disease at age two. He has always known that he would one day need a kidney transplant, as he faced the symptoms and complications related to his disease and the need for an intense medical regime since he was a toddler. Fortunately, he has not required treatment.

Through this all, Steven has been the unwavering voice of optimism, the constant source of a smile and a sense of humor. He served a two-year mission with his church, will graduate with an engineering degree next May, and most of all, is a loving husband and devoted friend to many.

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June 19, 2012

Next Biopsy

Steven's next biopsy is scheduled for July 3. We'll know then what the rejection looks like. Steven is definitely feeling much better. Better color, has an appetite, and more energy! It's really SO great to see him looking and feeling so well. We have been out for many walks with the weather being nice at least a few days out of the week here. It's hard to believe that we won't have better news at the next biopsy, when he's feeling so much better. At any rate, we are grateful for Steven's health right now!

Steven's been very productive too with his activity/lifting restrictions. He has updated our budget spread sheets, created graph charts for his daily vital signs and lab stats, and updated his resume. He has even started studying for the FE (Fundamentals of Engineering)exam in October, which is a credential/certification that elevates your status in the engineering field. What a great guy!

June 12, 2012

Out in Public

Steven has been feeling better, tapering off the huge doses of steroids. He even felt up to going to church on Sunday. Of course, he just wanted to slip silently in the back, but he can't really be incognito with a bright orange duck-bill mask on! A little girl asked him why he had to wear that "thing on your face." I told her it's to keep him healthy, but maybe we'll just start telling kids he's getting ready for Halloween, early. :)

He's been going on daily walks, too, which is great. His creatinine level dropped a tiny bit on Friday (yay) and has stayed constant as of Monday (yay, again). Looks like he's on a good trend, here!

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July 23, 2012

I talked to Kathy and she brought me up to speed. Good news!!! Now that you are okayed to start doing more...remember, baby-steps. Little at a time. Love to you both


July 7, 2012

Steven, you continue to be blessed and loved by all of your family, friends, and Heavenly Father! Keep up the faith and positive attitude!


June 18, 2012

Steven and Raime:
Positive thoughts and daily prayers are sent in your direction. Look forward to seeing you next July at the reunion. Brush up on your Soades skills---I think there may be a game or two.
Keep smiling