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Dear Friends and Supporters,

I am fighting to win this battle but I need your help. My accident in June 2012 left me with a C-4 spinal cord injury and I remain paralyzed from the neck down. Although I have some movement and sensation in my arms, I will require more extensive rehabilitation to gain my life back. My greatest pray and hope is to continue my role as a mom to my two beautiful daughters, Jessica and Nicole.
I see in them the dreams and hopes for a much brighter future.


December 4, 2014

My dearest Wesley, I will support you in every way. With God all things are possible. I will keep you and the girls in my prayers. I look forward to talking with you very soon. Love you girl!

Nona Smith / Greenville SC

February 4, 2014

My prayers are with you daily...You have the fight in you, and I know there is light at the end of the tunnel. Have faith, and know that God loves you and so do I..


April 26, 2013

Wesley, I continue to pray for you and your family!!! I hope to be able to visit you soon, take care, Tressie

Tressie Rooks/Ellicott City, MD

February 1, 2013

Wesley first, I say God Bless you and your family. I remember the talk that we had and I've been praying much for you and your family. We don't understand why things happen, but know that every situation we go through, God knows, and he cares. I know that you know this, but I encourage you as I encourage myself. God will not put more on us then we can bear. So keep on trusting him and believe that it will be alright after while keep looking up, keep trusting, keep believing and keep the faith. God is working it out for you Wesley. God's peace and good will to you and your family.

Rochelle Simpson/Boston MA