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Dear Friends,

I am writing to tell you that at the ripe old age of 67, I have what is called COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease) which is the fifth leading cause of death in the US. In order to prolong my life, I need a double lung transplant!

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November 8, 2015

Hello Everyone!
Hope life has been treating you well! As you may know, I have been suffering from lung disease that has rendered me oxygen dependent now for many years.

For the last 4 years, I have been traveling to the Cleveland Clinic from my home here in SW Ohio to be evaluated for a possible lung(s) transplant. But my lungs have not been ripe enough to be listed with the organization responsible for allocating donor organs (UNOS) until recently. My last trip to Cleveland in late September resulted in the Clinic’s decision to list me at long last with UNOS. Now the wait begins to find a matched donor’s lung(s).

I would not make a good politician; they are always asking for money to run their campaigns. I am not a politician and I am not good at asking for money. But I need to ask a favor of you. I need some of your hard earned cash.

Like all organ donor recipients, we need to do some serious fundraising in order to pay for those items that are not covered by our health insurance. Out-of-pocket costs can be very significant. There are many expenses that insurance won’t cover. Additional costs can run well into the tens of thousands of dollars!

So those who are prospective organ recipients become members of non-profit organizations where donations can be sent. Your donated money will not be sent to me, but rather to my selected non-profit organization: HelpHOPELive. This is an organization established for those with catastrophic health problems as well as organ transplant recipients. This non-profit organization collects the money and disperses it as needed. Being a non-profit organization provides you a tax exemption with the IRS.

So please go to the web site and type in my name (Philip Roeth) where appropriate and make a donation to my cause. Remember this much: NO DONATION IS TOO SMALL! It all adds up in the end.

I know your mailbox is presently being filled with solicitations from many organizations especially as the end of the year approaches. They all want a dollar for notable causes before the tax man pays us all a visit.

Though your end of year donations may be for good causes, you really do not know for sure how your donations are dispersed. By giving to in my name, you can be assured that your hard earned money is going for a good cause, prolonging my life.

So please take a moment and visit the web site: and make your donation in my name. I thank you.

If you are on one of the social web sites like Facebook, please let your friends know of my plight and request. Thank you.

Thanks to all for your support. It is most appreciated.



June 24, 2015

Phil, where are you at on Facebook? Your profile and our last conversation via messenger have went pooooof! That was June 10th. Hope you're doing good.

Jesse Richardson

June 19, 2015

Phil, You have always been a man of courage and perseverance. Your vast medical knowledge has been beneficial to you and to others. I am claiming your full recovery. Surrounding you with love, Sandy


April 11, 2012

Hi Phil, I am a good friend of Barb/Finn's. Just gave Barb a check for your fund. Wishing you the best, Phil. Will keep you in my daily prayers.

Mary O'Connell, Tucson Az

November 21, 2011

Thank you for your courage and bravery as you face the complexities of a double lung transplant. Your sister has always kept her best friends aware of your health challenges. May your messaage resonate well with the Season of Love and Giving.

Ginger Rickard