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Dear Friends and Family,

On Saturday May 11, 2013, my 24-year-old son, Kasey Rowland, was in a Tuff Truck competition in which he suffered an unexpected injury. This event was a race around a dirt track that had several jumps. After the last jump, Kasey’s truck landed, and the impact was so hard, leaving Kasey with a broken back, a severe spinal column injury, and unable to walk or feel his lower extremities. Kasey was taken to St. Mary’s Hospital, in Grand Junction CO, where he spent 10 days in ICU. He had surgery and was transferred to Craig Rehabilitation Center in Denver. The prognosis is still unknown, but as of now, he still cannot walk, and has no feeling below the knee, and very little control below his waist.

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July 19, 2013

Kasey's - Still the same!

Kasey has pretty much settled right in at home. I sometimes forget that he is in a wheel chair, even though he is sitting in it. He just doesn't let anything stop him. Every day he does what he needs to do, and there is no such thing as "I can't do it." If there is something that needs done...raking the yard, putting jumper cables on his vehicle, working on a vehicle, spreading gravel with a tractor, rocking babies to name it, if it needs done Kasey figures out how to do it! I am really proud of him!


June 21, 2013

On my way Home!

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July 20, 2013

you are more of a man then most will ever even dream of...and that was before the accident! Idk if you know bout my dad but watching him go through what you guys have is just amazing to me! the strength you have alone is astounding and not to mention ur stubbornness will get you far!! you are doing amazing things kasey!! by no means am I trying to be nice at all! haha never stop being ...YOU

Breese Roosevelt, Utah

June 23, 2013

Hi Kasey, I am a friend of your Aunt Kim. I am praying for you and hoping for your quick recovery!

Marilyn Hall, GJ

June 10, 2013

we love u kasey

robert and lisa daniels gj co.