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As featured on MSNBC’s Countdown with Keith Olbermann and in The New York Times

My name is Randy Shepherd, and many of you have heard parts of my story through various news outlets. I have a beautiful wife, Tiffany, and three great children: Krista 13, Kelsey 9 and Nathan, 3.

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January 7, 2011

'Killing Transplant Funding Also Killing Patients'

January 7, 2011 The TakeawayNTAF Executive Director Lynne Coughlin Samson speaks to the budget cuts in Arizona, which affect coverage of some transplants. NTAF steps in to help Arizona transplant hopefuls like Randy Shepherd, of the NTAF Southwest Heart Transplant Fund -- also featured.


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January 10, 2011

'One man's heart-wrenching search for a transplant'

January 7, 2011CNN American Morning


March 15, 2014

Randy Shepherd has been an awesome friend for almost 20 years now. I went to visit him recently in the hospital. I thought I was doing a wonderful thing to help cheer him up, but it ended up that I was the one that needed some cheering up. After all that he has gone through, the highs, the lows and now being away from his family it would be very easy for him to sit there and feel sorry for himself. The entire time I was there he never said one thing negative about his situation. It turns out I needed him to bring me up way more than he needed me to cheer him up. As I walked out of there I was thinking to myself about how negative I have been lately about stupid stuff. I complain because I don't make enough money, don't have enough toys or whatever else I feel I should have and do not. And then here is Randy just being happy that he is now only 30 miles from home and can his kids 3 or 4 times a week instead of once every couple of weeks. I can't explain how guilty I felt leaving that hospital, but I know I was reminded of how our happiness is up to us and no one else or situation. If anybody deserves a new heart it would be Randy. He has the biggest mechanical heart of anyone I know, I hope the heart they find is big enough for him. I will change my attitude right now and start looking for ways to be of service to others as Randy has been of service to me over the years. Love you man. Get 'er done!


December 16, 2013

Randy Shepherd is an amazing person, his children look up to him as a father and a brave man who went through this. His daughter now age 16 loves to spend time with her father just hanging out and enjoying spending time with him. All three of his children love him very much and love he sound of his artificial heart. They wait patiently for him to get the heart transplant he has been awaiting for years. His family loves him and his great attitude toward the trials in their life,not be together.


December 24, 2012

Randy, what is your street address? Call me!

Ron DeLong / Mesa, AZ