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Lauren was injured in 2013 at age 19 by a fluke diving accident. Having been a competitive swimmer since age six, she instinctively performed a racing type of dive, straight out & streamlined. Unfortunately, Lauren struck what we believe was the opposite side of the pool and fractured not one but 3 cervical vertebrae. The middle one exploded into a burst fracture and further damaged her spinal column.

She was diagnosed as an Asia A Complete C-5/6 Quadriplegic/Tetraplegia and was numb from her chest downward. This was the most severe classification and we were absolutely in shock and disbelief that she was never expected to walk again.

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January 15, 2018
November 13, 2017

Thanks to our generous Supporters & Sponsors , Lauren’s training continues.
AND so does her RECOVERY!!!

Recent activation in her:
Hip Flexors
External Rotators
Patellar Ligaments
Erector Spinae
Thumb & Index fingers

Now locking out BOTH KNEES while standing!
Regulating BLOOD PRESSURE for the first time in 4 years!


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March 20, 2018

Lauren, Janice, Mik & Erica, I think of you guys often and pray you are all staying the course. I'm sure it's been a long road, but you have many people who are rooting for you. Take care of yourselves.

Barb McKeever

June 28, 2017

I think Lauren has inherited great genes, primarily those of determination. Her great grandfather was an automobile racer. Many years ago he was involved in a horrific crash at the Indianapolis Raceway. He beat the odds! Despite what the dictors told him, he not only walked again (without even a limp) but within two years he was back on the race track. Lauren, you've just begun to surprise the doctors!

Patricia Chirico

June 10, 2017

Lauren, I just learned of your circumstances and want to donate to help you. Our son was in a horrifying accident 18 months ago and he is recovering. I hope you recover fully. I will put you on my prayer list.

Judge William J. Benz

January 20, 2017

Lauren, I sent you a note when your accident first happened and was happy to see the article about you in the Courier in July. We live in Newtown, and if I can help some way please let me know. I'm sending a donation to Help Hope Live, but if there's something hands on that I could do, please let me know. My phone number is 215-579-1044, and my e-mail is [email protected] I'm rooting for you!!! Merry Christmas.

Gail Hawraney