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It has been over 11 years since Cruise was paralyzed from a skimboarding accident at Hammock Park, Ocean Ridge, FL. In a split second, he became a quadriplegic at 19 years old.

He spent 2 weeks in ICU at Delray Medical Center, where the care could not have been better. From very informative nurses to his case manager, the whole family came to feel very comfortable in that very foreign environment. So much so, that when it came time to leave and go to Shepherd Center in Atlanta for rehab, we didn’t want to leave!

Updates (3)

October 1, 2019

Read Cruise’s story and see his paintings and products on his website!

October 1, 2019


April 23, 2018

So happy to be a part of this great event. Cruise is truly an inspiration to all. He has so much strength and courage. God bless you and your family

Vickilynn Gajewski

February 23, 2018

Looking forward to another awesome event in this loving, supportive community!

Liz Bold

February 21, 2018

So excited to celebrate the 10th ANNUAL Cruiser Palooza April 21st at the Delray Playhouse with you Cruise. You're an amazing young man....

Kristi Vick

November 1, 2009

We love you, Cruise.... keep up the good and very hard work!!!

Mum and Dad

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