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Jake and his oldest brother were both diagnosed with a rare genetic disease called Chronic Granulomatous Disease (CGD) in 1989 when Jake was 18-months-old and his brother, Justin, was four-years-old. CGD inhibits the white blood cells from killing bacteria or fungus, and as a result, the boys are susceptible to a range of life-threatening infections. At the time of their diagnosis, we were told our boys would likely not live past puberty, and there was no one in the state who could provide medical treatment.

As a boy, Jake never had as many infections as his brother. Though the disease is the same in each of them, it has presented itself very differently in Jake. When he was 11 the CGD caused secondary medical problems similar to Chrohn’s and COPD (his lungs now function like those of an elderly man with end-stage emphysema). His doctors have told us that Jake’s only chance at a healthy life is to have a bone marrow transplant to combat the lung issues he now faces. It is an experimental procedure with an unrelated donor match. The process will begin September 29, 2013.


November 15, 2013

Jake, I know God has his hand on your life and that you are invincible until your mission is accomplished. I will continue to pray for your healing and restoration. I see greatness in you! Blessings to You and your wonderful family.

Greg and Rhonda Gunn

October 7, 2013

Keep your chin up, Jake! God is on control! Praying for you, the doctors, and all involved!

Karen Graham/Tucson

August 22, 2013

We love you - we will ge thru this

Gram Broken Arrow Oklahoma