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Keith Smith is 25 years of age and currently seeking treatment for a spinal cord injury at Project Walk. Keith is a brother, a nephew, a grandson, a beloved son, and a father of three to Joshua (age 13), Jacob (age 11), and Ethan (age 8). He has always been an active father, a caring and helpful person. Keith has always gone out of his way to help those in need and never once has he shied away from hard work. His boys look up to him and rely on him for their financial and moral support. He worked two jobs to support his family and their needs. Keith was an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) for the local ambulance company (AMR) and he worked at a retirement home caring for patients who have Alzheimer’s and dementia.

What changed? A motorcycle., Keith’s motorcycle crashed and he has no recollection of the accident nor was there any report of a hit and run, so what happened that morning will forever remain a mystery. What isn’t a mystery is how to cope with it now. Not only did Keith suffer many physical catastrophes (he fractured his entire face, broke his neck, collar bone, ribs, collapsed lung, the list goes on) his family suffered the brutal shock of facing life without him. How would those three little boys cope?

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November 15, 2016

"This is where I do my rehab. Project Walk Los Angeles."

November 14, 2016

"Hey everyone! Just wanted to let you know my progress. I am attending Project Walk Los Angeles every other week and maintaining my recovery efforts at home. My core/trunk is returning, it's awesome! I am using muscles that I have not since my accident. I am able to sit up on my own! It's breathtaking to me...

We have just started a SCI support group at Project Walk. If anyone is interested please let me know.

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March 26, 2014

Thank you for everyones continued support!

Keith Smith

December 23, 2013

Just want you to realize that life is quick, and we must be patient because we fear it passes us by. Like chasing your tail, you can bump into your own hind-end...just thought I would further some encouragement and bring you closer to the goal. Get well soon. The turkey and fixing are on me and in the mail..

Ron Johnson

October 17, 2013

Once again I am happy to be of some help in meeting your goal. It has been six months since I became aware of your plight, and hope that as time progresses, so does this fund, and of course you too. Thank your sister once again. Her courage in this situation is noticeable as well as your own and should be recognized. Please recover, and yes I pray....amen.

Ron Johnson