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We are please to welcome you to Help Hope Live Gary Bolton, a special page of motivation and support. We are here writing to you on behalf of our inspiring friend, Gary Bolton. He has always been an outgoing guy with passion for life, who lives for exciting adventures and helping people overcome adversities! Meanwhile, he is in need for more home health care, costly adaptive aids, mobility devices and a reliable modified wheelchair accessible van to improve his overall independence for a better quality of life. He remains patient for health care advancements and technology breakthroughs, as much as a possible cure for Spinal Cord Injuries in the future. He prays that people stay safe, healthy, active and remain hopefully during this times.

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May 8, 2024

We are so excited to share some amazing updates. Here we are rolling in to the Month of May! The year of 2024 is in full force with HOPE In Action!

Highlights: GARY BOLTON in the SPOTLIGHT

This past quarter we have made some great progress. Been doing physical therapy, strengthening up, and enjoying health and fitness programs also participating in vocational adaptive driving rehabilitation with Strowmatt Rehabilitation Services also participating in treatments and activities with T.I.R.R. Got to attend a couple events to name a few:

• GARY BOLTON volunteered and attended

World Barbecue Championship Cookoff HLSR Houston Livestock Show Rodeo

•GARY BOLTON Won 1st Place at an adaptive fishing tournament with the Turning Point Drum Run in Galveston Bay, Texas

•GARY BOLTON attended and volunteered at golf tournaments Rod Ryan Golf Open

•GARY BOLTON has assisted other nonprofit organizations and charities

*United Spinal Association

*SOAR nonprofit- Swift Outdoor Accessible Recreation

*The Dash Gordon Foundation

*Christina Sullivan Foundation

*Texas Adaptive Aquatic Sports

•GARY BOLTON continues make new relationships and partnerships with brands and sponsors.

•GARY BOLTON partners as a brand ambassador for Xinsurance company

Need Quote:

Everything has been going so smoothly. Definitely been hurdles of overcoming objectives. We are close to our goal, but we still haven’t finished the race of completion

Focusing on our mission: HOPE in ACTION

Gary’s DRIVE For More Independence his Motivational Message MOBILITY MATTERS!


To embrace Gary Bolton’s and Others Lifestyles, Mobility and Adaptivity. Promoting Positive Vibes, Best Assurance, Inclusion and Accessibility in the Community and Share in the Workplace.

Projects in Motion with Mobility Matters:

- Research and Locate Fully Functional Power Wheelchair Accessible Full Size Van

Costs: $70k-120k


- Identify all Electronic Mobility Hand Steering Controls needed to equip and be modify specially customized for Gary Bolton.

Costs: $45k


GOAL & Fundraising Objective:

Sharing The Message

Sitting to Rolling To Walking Again with Motivation

Embracing Mobility, Overcoming Adversities and Challenges with Resilience, Strength and Passion. Recovering, Rebuilding, with HOPES of Walking Again!

Show And Tell

-Crowd Funding With Promotional Events, Sponsors and Open To Investment

-Opportunities:. HOPE in ACTION MOBILITY Matters DONATION Pledge Match Challenge for Gary Bolton Drive For More Independence

G.O.L.O. Give One Lift One

Need Funding For HOPE aim Action Adaptive Mobility Equipment.

Gary Bolton's has upcoming events scheduled to celebrate his 16th year of surviving with a SCI.


* HOPE in ACTION Virtual PLEDGE Match CHALLENGE - All May - May 31st 2024

- GARY BOLTON‘s 16 year Spinal Cord Injury Survivor Appreciation day May 14th 2024

- GARY BOLTON takes His PLEDGE MATCH CHALLENGE to the Bigass Crawfish Bash Festival on May 18th 2024

Gary Bolton is a striving professional and an outspoken, outgoing patient and advocate who is practicing patience and bettering his overall wellness and through prayer while always sharing positive vibes. His mission is to continue his ongoing recovery. He just keeps going above and beyond to continue helping people and serving the community along with seeking exciting adventures. Our goal is to support his #DRIVEFORINDEPENDENCE and to improve his mobility and the adaptive aids, volunteers and caregivers to keep him going. Gary needs a used / new wheelchair van that has the electric mobility controls platform installed. And through his ongoing rehab. from OT / PT he is regaining strength and is ready to drive himself to and from his appointments. His immediate community is very supportive. Thank you for being helpful and generous in his honor to be inspired by his goals.

December 11, 2023

This is the time of the year we’re families and friends in the community to get together and get together, and wish each other a Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas and look forward to bringing in the new year. I’m just thankful for another year to be here today and with fair to good health. I got to say this year was pretty interesting. Got to do some fun stuff, had a few eye-opener‘s, and it made me really think about life… and it made me think of how blessed I am to be here even though I did lose a few close ones this past year. I thought man time is too short and I ought to take a grasp and think of what would be something that I’ve been wanting to do and I haven’t quite done it yet… I do know driving again is a big goal and I am close, but not close enough to hitting my benchmark for my quota to get an adaptive accessible van. But I had to really think what was even a bigger goal, that was even more beneficial to those surrounding around me and those that I feel I champion the most and those should be my family, my friends, my fears, my acquaintances in the community that enjoy my positive feed like on social media, and just in my positive energy that I share with others on my good and also on my so good days in life. So with that I thought of my “WHY” My Life Purpose and what would a legacy be… what could I leave and be remembered as… I always wanted to write a book and I actually picked up doing some creative writing and pretty excited that I’m pretty close to finishing it up. I have a little bit more anything to do and then to go on a journey with the publishing. So as we go into the new year, be on the lookout, I will be giving some updates but I’ll be writing a book about.

“Unstoppable Faith And Living Life To The Fullest While Overcoming Overwhelming Adversities In Life As An Inspiring Quadriplegic Believer! “

It should be definitely available for read by a digital copy by the new year in 2024! I’m really excited and looking forward to a completion as something I took a lot of pride, and I wanted to share with tons of people that were interested in learning more about me and the life in GARY BOLTON‘s world. Let me know if you would like to have an early copy!!! Meanwhile, I hope every single one of you are stay positive joyful and wish you all the best and a good healthy happy new year in 2024! I’m truly thankful and gracious for all of the support I have received and looking forward to maintaining the momentum going into the next year and many years into the future.


Gary Bolton

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January 4, 2024

I’m happy to be a part of the helping community to assist families with special needs and disabilities. Care givers are the back bone for home health care.

Wishing HelpHopeLive Gary Bolton a blessed, healthy and prosperous happy new in 2024!

Checkout Gary Bolton’s inspiring story as he overcomes all life adversities living life as a Spinal Cord Injury patient.



October 11, 2021

Clément and my desire is to see Gary walk again. His cause is ever before our eyes and we would like to congratulate him for his courageous and successful Fundraiser!

Rhonda Wilson-Dikoko

August 25, 2021

Gary,you are a positive light and inspiration for sure! You are always brainstorming and coming up with ideas to help others and bring people together!
You Rock

Q and Stef