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Dear Family and Friends,

I am writing to you on behalf of my brother and best friend, Gary Bolton. He experienced a devastating car accident he suffered a life-changing spinal cord injury which left him a quadriplegic with no use of his legs and limited use of his arms. He has spent the last few years in medical and rehab facilities fighting for strength.

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March 11, 2020

I’m excited that Spring is finally here! It’s the season of new beginnings, crushing goals, working hard, enjoying fitness, sports, racing, boating, fishing, swimming, camping, skydiving, cookoffs, most of all enjoying the great warm outdoors with family and friends.

Meanwhile, I blessed to be healthy and energized to be strengthen my self at T.I.R.R. in Houston with great physical and occupational therapists. Working on gains toning my core, upper and lower extremities. I enjoy using the walking gait trainer Lokomat machine by ( and my favorite FES RT300 arm and leg cycle by ( I hope to get one for my home one day so daily exercises would be convenient!

Because of my community of all the HELP and HOPE from my doctors, nurses, therapists, caregivers, family, friends, contributors, and sponsors I been blessed to LIVE

Thank you God for showing me the way and giving me life, embracing my faith, courage, belief and helping me identify my purpose in life to advocate for myself and others fighting with disabilities and spinal cord injuries.

I made a promise I will continue to stride to be the best I can be, continuing strengthen so I drive again.

Getting into eSports and iRacing with the IMSA and Forza 7 racing platform has been exciting!

Fundraising for my personal exoskeleton bionic legs made by ( has been an ongoing and exciting process.

Racing for a Spinal Cord Injury Cure is such a long and amazing journey!
I Pray 2 Walk again someday soon! ♿

January 2, 2020

I like to share my upmost appreciation for all of my support from HelpHopeLive and all of the wonderful friends, family, supporters, volunteers and donors that have been part of my journey for the past 10 years of my recovery.
I feel surviving another year of life is always a blessing, knowing how far I have came from my initial Spinal Cord Injury in May of 2009. Waking up each and everyday with hope for a cure for S.C.I. I steadily focus on making small steady improvements in maintaining a healthy balance fun lifestyle. I have fought my pain with pushing my faith, positive spirit and mindset to aid in striding to overcome adversities with my rehabilitation. I am not quite at the top of the mountain but I am 1 more step closer than I was.

The difference between last year 2019 and the upcoming 2020. Brings to mind are all the great memories and opportunities and wonderful people I have met and helped that I endure while leaving my 2019 joy to further my leaps of prosperity in making 2020 great year.
I encourage you all to set new goals to accomplish this year.

Best to your 2020,
Gary Bolton

#BeSomeOne #ItsYourLifeLiveIt
#Peace #Love #Joy #Health #Success #Prosperity #GodBless #America #Houston #Texas #HelpHopeLive #SpinalCordInjuryRecovery

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March 25, 2020

My Prison is not my home! Learning about how the ex-President of SA Nelson Mandela spent 27 years wrongfully in Prison was amazing to me. Though I have visited his beloved country many times, I’ve never had the opportunity to visit his jail cell on Robin Island. Many Heads of State and tourists have gone to gaze upon the simple cell in wonder marveling over the magnitude of a man who lived there. There was no magic in Nelson Mandela’s making, just as there was none in Joseph’s imprisonment in Egypt nor Jesus’ who broke out of the grave on Easter Sunday! I dare not compare these men to the latter however I must say the Battlefield was fought in the Mind! In the case of Nelson Mandela, it was ‘His Long Walk to Freedom” which consequently set his people free. Nelson Mandela emerged with no bitterness despite the wrong afflicted upon him. He was transformed from hating his enemy to developing character traits which led him to becoming a beloved leader of South Africa. With Joseph, it was his fear of the Lord’s commandments which landed him in prison in the first place! Then the gift the Lord had placed inside of him developed during his prison days, eventually bringing him from the pit, to Potiphar’s house, his integrity put him in prison, but his dream took him to the Palace! Jesus fought his Battlefield of the mind in the garden of Gethsemane. He subdued his flesh and made the ultimate sacrifice for all of humanity! The grave could not hold him because his mind was made up! Until you figure out what the fight is all about, you can win the battle but lose the fight! You see the Battlefield is in the Mind! There are no boundaries when it comes to what the mind can do! You can imprison one’s body but when your mind is free, life is best lived! Gary is the most free-spirited person I know! He lives life to the fullest, travels and his greatest dream is to walk again! Everywhere he goes people are attracted to his charisma and uncanny ability to make people feel at home. He has absolutely no limitations because he fought that battle in His Mind long ago! Won’t you help bring his dream to fruition?


March 25, 2020

Gary, you are an extraordinary person, a brave soul who has a heart of gold. You have learned how to navigate in this world with so many injustices and manifesting absolutely no bitterness. If anyone deserves to walk again, you do. Please keep your dream alive, looking forward to seeing you take those first gigantic steps because I can imagine you running, not walking always soaring to higher heights! You WILL get there! Keep the dream alive.


March 24, 2020

I never had the chance to get to know you in high school, but I knew how special you were through our mutual friends. I was also 2 years younger so there’s that too lol! I only learned about your story a while back when becoming friends on Facebook. Your spirit is inspiring and will carry you until your legs can. And when that day comes, it will be a joyous one! Keep up the hard work - the big man is keeping the score.

Jena Draper

January 9, 2020

I have known Gary for roughly 5 years. I have personally seen this man fall and get up and thrive. We have coached each other through our life experiences and business ventures. What stands out to me most is his want to get up and go, theres never a No with him, it's how can we do it or pull it off. I look forward to helping Gary's Company grow substantially in the coming year. Wait til you see what he has in store. Your have always been such a big supporter of the racing, specifically Offshore Community, it’s time for us to give back. Proud to be a part of your group and family, let's make things happen.

Khristopher Dorn-DiGiulio Scuderia Cazzani Offshore Race Team

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