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Family and friends of David Staffa are raising money to pay for uninsured medical expenses associated with transplantation.

David has chosen to fundraise with HelpHOPELive in part because HelpHOPELive assures fiscal accountability of funds raised and tax deductibility for donors. Donors can be sure that funds donated will be used only to pay or reimburse medically-related expenses. For more information, please contact HelpHOPELive at 800.642.8399.

Thanks for your support!

Updates (3)

December 7, 2015

Hello David Supporters
The past 18 months (since Mar. ’14) have been very rough for Dave. He has an acute case of GVHD, where graph (donor) cells attack host (Dave’s) cells, which as a result has greatly affected his breathing and eyesight, not to mention other organs and such.
Experimental treatments have been tried without much success. We take breathing for granted, so we don’t realize how lung issues can affect so many areas of our lives. Dave gets winded really easily, his strength and stamina aren’t even remotely close to what they used to be, even while sitting his breathing is labored, he has a hard time getting a deep full breath, and the horizontal position of sleeping makes breathing uncomfortable and difficult.
Unfortunately, Dave’s doctors have said he will probably have to live with his lung issues, because none of the experimental treatments have worked thus far, WHICH MEANS FOR DAVID NO ABILTY TO WORK OR EARN A INCOME, as the simplest of things leaves him winded
All in all, his attitude is remarkable. When he gets news like that mentioned above, of course it would get any body down, but it’s amazing how Dave bounces back and keeps pressing on, never giving up.
We are asking to please again help out Dave Thank you

March 30, 2015

Just want to check in and let everyone know where I am at and what I have been going through this last year.
The cancer is in remission and I am 16 months post transplant ( December 4th 2013). The transplant has been by far the most challenging part of my journey. According to the doctors, I have a pretty sever case of GVHD (graft verses host disease) GVHD is the rejection part of the transplant. I continue to go to Stanford Hospital on a regular basis to be treated for GVHD. Dealing with GVHD and the side effects from the medications takes a lot of my energy and strength.
I want to thank all of you who have been praying for me and those of you who have made donations toward my medical expenses.
My gratitude toward all of you can not begin to express how humbled and overwhelmed I am by the love and support of each and everyone of you.
David John


March 13, 2017

Happy Birthday. I truly wish that Jesus almighty comes down on earth today especially to shower blessings and love upon you like he has for all other beautiful human beings in the world.


July 17, 2016

I searched your name and found this page. Wishing you the best in these challenging times.

Neal Falkowski

December 8, 2015

Dave, I think of you often my friend. I think of you when life challenges me and I use your journey to inspire me when things get tough on me or my children. I think of the gift of "health" that you've given me through teaching me healthy habits. Take good care and call me for anything. I often think of our time together and usually get a big laugh out of it....All the best to you, Dave.

Greg Carrillo

July 19, 2015

Thinking of you Dave. May you be well. Sending you prayers.