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Hi I’m Sam
I’m a 38 yr old fun loving, independent, stubborn, unwilling to give in single mother of 4 beautiful daughters.
I was diagnosed in 2000 with Multiple Sclerosis and I thought I was gonna die. When I was told I needed to be admitted for five days to receive IV steroids, I told the Dr. he was wrong and I went home. I hid in the corner with the phone crying and called my dad who lived in PA while I was in NJ. Like a dad would he told me to go back to the hospital and get the steroids so I could get better. “Get better” the power in those two words was unknown to me until now. I returned and I did get better for the time being but MS crept back up slowly and with a ferocity that I could never have expected.
Today I walk with the aid of a cane to assist with my poor balance and spasticity (muscle stiffness) in my legs. I want to ride a bike, take a long walk, jump on the trampoline with my kids. I can’t do any of those things. But I could. I’ve found a treatment that could allow me to do those things again. This treatment could help me “get better”.
The Stem Cell Institute of Panama City, Panama ( has accepted me as a patient. They have performed this treatment on many other people with MS, heart disease, arthritis, and a number of other diseases. I was accepted by the institute as a patient but there is no help from health insurance. The cost of the treatment is $19,750 plus an estimated $3,250 for travel expenses and lodging for 14 days.
I am asking for your help in any or all of the following ways:

Make a donation to help pay for the cost of the treatment and expenses.
Suggest a fundraising activity that could help me raise the money.
Tell a friend or friends, associate, even a stranger that you think may be in a position to help.

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August 7, 2012

Hey Mom!

I am passing around your story at my offices several people have decided to donate to your cause!! I'll keep trying to get donations.


Kanisha Thomas Mckeesport, Pa