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I’m so happy to be celebrating this Spring and looking forward to my 4-year transplant anniversary in July. It’s an incredible journey, and I’m so grateful to be on and in it!

It’s been ages since I updated my page, and I guess that comes from feeling so “normal” (haha) and not really thinking about fundraising. I had an excellent check-up at Duke on April 17th, and won’t have to go back until October. My health is better than expected, and my doctor is quite pleased with this person (not just a patient)..

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April 21, 2014

Most of you know about the miracle in my life, but my life has been filled with challenges and miracles for a long time. To get an idea of how my life has changed--because I have changed--go to HelpHOPELive's main page. Click on the tiny blue line that says "News and Resources". There are several stories published there, including mine. Check us out! It takes a lot of courage, faith and determination to live, but life is sooo good!


May 6, 2014

Paula thinking of you this 3:30am wishing you the best!

adrienne Rogers

July 14, 2010

My Paula: I like sending my allowance to you, so this time, I'm sending it here. I love you SOOOOO much.

Roswell, Charleston, SC

March 6, 2010

Paula, we all love you and are praying for you. We will see you on saturday. Ms Margie,Tracy,Jenny and Christina

Tracy Mullinax Moncks Corner