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Dear Friends,

As you may know, my beloved wife, Janice Tindle, was a passenger in a car collision in July 2010, involving an under-insured motorist. This incident left her with both a traumatic brain injury, cervical spinal injury, a T1 compound wedge fracture, inner ear damage and neurological injury, later diagnosed as Dystonia and changed our lives forever. Janice was gracious enough to participate in two research programs, one for managing TBI fatigue and one that tested the first potential tool for concretely diagnosing traumatic brain injuries.

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December 5, 2023

Well, since 2010, we still haven’t met the initial goal. That’s probably because we don’t really advertise this fund too often. We’re not too savvy on that and don’t get many shares.

Janice’s 5th concussion in March has left her with memory loss, cognitive issues and more balance impairment. To make matters worse, She had to deal with an unfortunate situation with a contractor who was supposed to build her a wheelchair accessible deck but failed to do so and thus she has spent most of this year in the legal system which still hasn’t led to the return of her deposit and expenses due to it. The deck that was started had to be removed due to safety and code violations. It had to built by someone else, so that incurred more expenses. She still needs all her rehabilitation care, physical, cognitive, balance and help with depression, anxiety and trauma related stress. She’s a strong senior lady to be going all through this, but with the ongoing issues and my new diagnosis of arthritis in my hands, my care of her and making up the financial loss has been a struggle as well. Thank you for your kindness. - Dan

March 28, 2023


Janice hit her head again. This time on the cape cod (attic) ceiling and sustained her 5th Traumatic Brian Injury. She has ahead of her, speech and cognitive therapy, physical and vestibular therapy and many visits to thr concussion doctor. Janice never fully recovered from her past concussions, especially with the one in 2019. She battles migraine, bodily pain, depression and anxiety.

She will need multiple weekly therapies for many weeks. She suffered from post concussion symptoms and has a balance and movement disorder.

In 2019, Janice feel down the stairs in her mothers home and hit her head on a steel door at the hinges and broke her lower back to the tailbone. She has a chronic burst compression fracture at L1-2. She has not recovered yet from the effects of this TBI. Neck and head injury causes daily pain.

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December 8, 2023

I saw your name under the long list of Matt Fusco's debtors. I was also a victim of his gross incompetence earlier this year. I am guessing we will get our money back. Sending blessings to you that 2024 will be a better year :)


May 25, 2015

Always stand strong and do the best you can do. Never give up! each for the stars and keep giving it your all.

Debra Goodrich another tbi survivor

July 10, 2013


I'm so sorry to hear about your situation !

Rich Sokol

Pittsburgh, PA