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Cuong Needs Your Help

Longtime Longview, TX resident Cuong Tran has been battling a deteriorating kidney condition for the past five years. Luckily, Cuong is a prime candidate for a kidney transplant and has been placed on the Baylor Hospital transplant list in Dallas, TX as well as the ETMC transplant list in Tyler, TX. A new kidney will restore Cuong’s quality of life by bringing him back to better health.

Updates (22)

June 28, 2018

It has been 9 months since Cuong had his transplant. He is doing extremely well with no additional complications. Cuong’s doctors visits have decreased to 1 time per month. He is back to work full-time, six days a week, at Nucor. Winter’s flu season was difficult as so many people were going to the hospital with severe flu symptoms. Cuong was forced to avoid public places such as the grocery store and church to decrease his chances of contracting the flu. The anti-rejection medications suppress Cuong’s immune system making him extremely susceptible to contracting other illnesses. A small cough in you and or I could develop into a severe situation for Cuong. Now, in April, there is finally some relief. He is able to work in the yard outside, take walks, and go to the store. We are hoping to enjoy some down time this summer with perhaps a small road trip here and there.

September 15, 2017

Over the past month things have been positive and steady for Cuong. He continues to have doctor’s visits each week with Dr. Potter. The incision site for his kidney transplant has healed completely. The incision site where his peritoneal dialysis catheter is still healing. We never found out a concrete answer on why Cuong has extra fluid in his abdominal cavity, but there are no signs at this point that the fluid is excessive. Having been on dialysis for so long it is possible he had the extra fluid before the transplant but it was undetectable. The nephrologists are pleased with Cuong’s progress, so they have decreased appointments with the kidney doctor’s to once per month. Cuong has two main issues at this point:
1) He needs to gain weight. Cuong was always a very slim person, so it was no surprise that post-transplant he returned to his pre-dialysis weight. However, he lost more weight that anticipated. Cuong is eating a high protein, high calorie diet to try to pack on additional pounds. Three weeks of this diet he has yet to gain any weight, but he has not lost any weight either.
2) Cuong will be eligible to go back to work in 2 weeks. Please pray with us that he will be physically and mentally strong enough to return to his normal duties.

Please continue to reach out and contact Cuong whenever you think of him. Support from friends and family has played an important role in his recovery.

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