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Update: Step by step, we made it happen!!!! CHRISTMAS CAME IN JULY!

July 19th: WE DID IT! With your help, I received my very own Ekso, a bionic exoskeleton suit, to help me walk again. Words cannot express my sincerest thanks to EVERYONE who contributed to making this dream a reality. I’m PAIN FREE!!!! Today’s session ending the first week (4 days of walking): 928 steps in 27 mins walking time and 45 mins standing up. Total steps in 4 days of walking: 5,515!!! I’ll need a new pair of shoes soon! I haven’t worn out a pair of shoes in 21 years of paralysis.
Now that I have my own Ekso, I still need to raise the funds to pay for two licensed physical therapists to walk with me to ensure safety. I anticipate raising an additional $13,000 ($50/day x 5 days per week for a year). Your ongoing support is appreciated. I will post videos to keep everyone up to date with my progress.
I thank all of my contributors, and I thank my community for their loving kindness and belief in my journey. The children from Imagine XO helped this dream become a reality.

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July 20, 2013

Big Steps for Amanda Boxtel


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December 28, 2012

Love You Amanda, wanna see you with ekso ASAP...
Soon You will reach your goal.

Raz Guptaa

August 11, 2012

Will do all I can to help you reach your goal~ xoxox

xoxo Lynn

March 28, 2010

Hi Hope all is well

John Toxey , Pittsburgh