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Dear Friends and Family,

Many of you already know that Kayla Vess needs a lifesaving double lung transplant to stay alive. Kayla is working as a secretary at Mercy Hospital in Springfield, MO. She has also just earned her degree to work as a Physical Therapist Assistant.

Updates (1)

January 7, 2014

I received my double lung transplant on December 11th, 2013!! I want to thank my donor, my husband, my family and the rest of my friends for being there for me during this difficult journey! I will still be traveling out to NC almost every month for the first year and will be on a lifetime of rejection meds. If you are able to hold a fundraiser for me or give a donation it is very much appreciated. Thank you for all the thoughts and prayers during this time, it means so much!


June 9, 2013

You know we got your back babe!! Love you!

Chelle & Ryan, Ozark, MO