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Dear Friends,
My husband Norbert “Nubs” Wagner has been setting records lately. He developed an extremely rare hereditary kidney disease called fibronectin glomuloropathy which progressed at a record-setting pace, bringing him to rely on dialysis only six months after diagnosis. Dialysis is keeping him alive, but the toll on his overall health is apparent to all who have seen him during this period — the long-term solution is a kidney transplant. Nubs is being evaluated for the active transplant waiting list at Vanderbilt University Medical Center in Nashville, TN. I too am being evaluated as his potential living donor.
Even with insurance, Nubs will have many uninsured, transplant-related expenses such as: co-pays and deductibles, doctor visits, travel and temporary relocation to Vanderbilt and the costly immunosuppressant medications that he will need to take for the rest of his life. Vanderbilt estimates that Nubs’ share of the first year expenses alone may be over $10,000.
To help offset these uninsured costs, a fundraising campaign in Nubs’ honor has been established with HelpHOPELive (formerly NTAF), a nonprofit organization that has been assisting the transplant community for nearly 30 years, All contributions are tax-deductible, are held by HelpHOPELive in the South-Atlantic Kidney Transplant Fund, and are administered by HelpHOPELive for transplant-related expenses only. You can help make a difference in Nubs’ life. Please consider making a contribution.Together we can make a difference by assisting Nubs at this difficult time. Thanks in advance for your generosity and support.
With sincere thanks,

Joan Beck
(859) 985-0311


September 1, 2014

I would like to first start by saying its a sad day. I was looking up Nubbs Wagner because I have one of his custom cues that my dad got me when I was very young. Ive cherrished that stick for my whole life. Im 36 now and its all I have left after family court thats worth anything. I dont know Mr. Norbert but I can say he has motivated me through his talent and a mastered art. I was going to say, Its not just an ordinary cue. My dad was at a trade show in Las Vegas in the early 90's i believe and had it autographed by all the hall of fame players of the time. the greatest ever in my opinion. I have a mint condition Nova cue signed by Steve Mizerak, earl strickland, johny archer, kim davendport, mike massey, and a german fella.. I will have to research his name but he is one of the best. Anyways i need to get rid of or sell this gem and if you think it would help I will donate some proceeds for Nubbs. Maybe he/you can find a good home for it? My email is [email protected] if you get around to reading this.. I wish the best for Mr. wagner and to all his family. thanks for your time and please let me know if we can do anything for positive side of life..

Richard (Rick) Cannon