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In late 2010, Courtenay Silvergleid Wallpe was diagnosed with a particularly life threatening strain of Myelodysplastic Syndrome. Since that time, the love, encouragement and prayers of family and friends as well as various complementary treatments have helped immeasurably in supporting Courtenay and enabling her to maintain a reasonable quality of life. Unfortunately, she has not been able to achieve remission despite enduring 14 rounds of Vidaza (chemotherapy) and a bone marrow transplant at the Seattle Cancer Care Alliance in July of 2012.

In March of 2013 it was discovered her cancer was back with a vengeance and Courtenay would need to immediately return to Seattle for induction chemotherapy treatment, in hopes of stabilizing her condition in preparation of a second bone marrow transplant. The induction chemo is an aggressive treatment requiring a lengthy hospital stay for monitoring. The second bone marrow transplant will also entail a minimum five month stay in Seattle, similar to her time away from home during her first transplant.


May 23, 2012

Good morning my love. Here we are just three days from our big trip and I wanted to express how amazing you are. As I have taken a little time to reflect this morning, I am in awe with how you are managing so many plan details, your normal mom responsibilities and how you are ever diligent to care for your mind, body and especially your spirit.
You have given me strength and courage through this process and my love for you has never felt more real. Yes, the tough part is next, but we are ready and we're together, along with so many other supporters. This cancer has no chance with our collective energy, along with the help of the team in Seattle. I'm pumped!

Loving you forever Bear!

Bryan / Incline