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Good News Update:
The family is pleased to report that on September 7, 2012 Marjorie received her gift-of-life — her double lung transplant. Now more than ever fundraising is vital as she has many uninsured transplant-related expenses. Please consider a donation today. Thank-you.

My daughter, Marjorie Reed Warren, has been placed on the lung transplant list to receive a double lung transplant. Family and friends of Marjorie are raising money to pay for uninsured medical expenses associated with transplantation. The first year’s estimated expense is $750,000.


December 2, 2012

To God be the glory for all the marvelous things he has done! Praying for your continued strength.

Belinda Best/ Maryland

November 17, 2012

Hi Marjorie
I had no idea that you have gone through so much and I am glad that GOD has brought you through it. It was nice talking to yoou and I hope each day you are a little stronger.


Michael harvey/Durham NC

September 1, 2012

You are one of my closest and dearest friends. You have been through so much this week. My heart is heavy but I remain hopeful that you will get through this tough period. I have been hearing your voice calling me a "crazy chick" and it makes me smile. I have always admired your strong faith and ability to remain calm and patient even in the most difficult situations. I am anxious for you to receive a healthy pair of lungs so you can get better. I will try to be calm and patient like you always have been. I love you my friend.