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Meet Noel. He is a vibrant person with the greatest sense of humor. He is the type of person you feel like you have known forever even if you have just talked with him for the first time or for only a few minutes. I am always impressed and touched by his sincere passion for helping others, no matter what or when, he will always stop to help someone in need. Noel was an EMT for several years after he returned from active duty in the Air Force. He moved on to work in the signage industry as a project manager and sales consultant but always continued to do what comes naturally to him, helping others.

Noel is a loving father of his 23-year-old son, Joshua. He has two dogs that he regards as his children, too. If Dorothy and Taiko could, they would tell you they are his children!

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August 8, 2011

Contributions as of Aug. 8, 2011
Wow….updated total raised to date is $13,255.41! Unbelievable support! Im feeling hopeful to reach my goal of $20,000! Thanks to all who have donated, you will forever be in my heart…..Hopefully my new heart!
Noel 🙂

July 31, 2011

Contribtions to date 7.28.11
We have raised almost $12,000. Thank you everyone for your contributions. We are moving quickly towards the 20K needed for Noel to be placed on the transplant list.

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May 24, 2013

We need to get this moving again!!! It has been too long!!

Stacy, Wesley Chapel, FL

March 19, 2012

Hi Noel. I just found out. I did like to pay the balance of what you need. I've missed you!

Nicte Foster Palm Harbor, Florida

August 8, 2011

We're getting there bro bro.....I love ya bunches! :)

Nikki Spence New Port Richey Fl.

August 2, 2011

Noel, Take Care buddy. Looks like you're in good spirits from the pictures and giving the nurses a hard time! Your sense of humor really shows and I'm sure that will help you get through everyday! Now get back and sell some more big signs so I have a reason to come to FL again! :)

Josh - Danville, IL